VGFCOW Week #29 Jul 28 - 31 2019

A shortened week for our final COW of July! @VaKTaBi maintained his 4 point lead heading into the final challenge! The best I can hope for is to tie him. I’ll admit, it’ll be hard as I will be flying half-way across the country for a job interview (well, overall, I am quite pleased with this prospect and if it means my failing to defend my title, so be it!).

Forumers - please join in on the fun! We need more challengers. Last week, only @VaKTaBi (and @Guest_78) and I participated!

We will only be issuing 3 challenges in each category due to the shortened week

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a Blitz match with zero deaths and at least 5 points.
  • Win a ARAL match with a KA score of 12 or higher. You can’t die more than 3 times.
  • Win a ARAM match with 1 death or less

Standard Modes

  • Win a ranked 5v5 match with at least 10 hero kills or 10 assists
  • Win a casual 5v5 with the best KDA in the match
  • Win a ranked 3v3 with a KDA of 3 or better and with 3 or fewer deaths
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Hahaha, we will be travelling too XD

I just finished a 5v5 casual with Kestrel (I’m getting better!) - I was at 6/0/3 - I was pretty sure I had best KDA. I go, “okay, play it safe, push your lane, have vision, and just win!” - eventually, I did join another team fight to finish 7/0/5 and the enemy surrendered. I thought my ally BF was the competition, he ended up dieing a few times, going 6/3/3 - but as I was about to take screen shot, at the bottom of the scoreboard, is my ally Miho with a 3/1/12… NOOOOO!

Blitz with 0 deaths and more than 5 points
ARAL with KA higher than 12
ARAM with 1 death

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With this I don’t think @Lebatron can win or even tie, if I remember correctly how the points work, at best he can end with a difference of 1 point if we don’t do any of the standard challenges. Am I correct?

Yes. Now go away, as I sob in the corner. :sob:


Here’s my attempt at a 3.0 kda with 3 or less deaths


How the hell did the enemy in trio q throw that match so hard? Trio against solos should had been ez win (not ez, but definitely better than losing 23-4). Congrats lol.

I got a really good early start and they just couldn’t stop it from there

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“Attempt” :rofl::rofl: - and no D Alpha - noice.