VGFCOW Week #22 Jun 9 - 15, 2019

Let’s get more folks in on at the action! I’ve noticed who seem to me to be new forumers, such as @Saw1, and @ProSeven, that should get in on the action. Where are my old friends, @Guest_78, @VaKTaBi, @RiseChu, @hazeleyes, and @HipsterSkaarf at!?

Our 22nd week. Here are the challenges:

Brawl/Event Modes

  • Win a 3v3 Casual Match in 14:59 or faster with a KDA of 3 or higher (this time limit seemed hard for ranked, so let’s try casual)
  • Win an ARAM match with either the most hero kills or the most assists on your team
  • Win an ARAL match without selecting a talent with three or fewer deaths
  • WIn an ARAL match with the highest KDA in the match

Standard Modes

  • Win a ranked 5v5 match as the top laner and hold your turret past the 10:00 marker. Screenshot your turret still being up at 10:00 or later! (for this challenge, please also screen shot your ending game scoreboard to show you won. I also appreciate a screenshot of the spoils post game to show the rank points received, but it’s not required. I trust you.)
  • Win a ranked 5v5 match with the hero and role of your choice with a KDA of 5 or higher.
  • Win a ranked 3v3 match with 15.0k gold or more by the end of the match.
  • Win a casual 5v5 match with one of the heroes you completed an ARAL challenge with. Your KDA must be 5 or higher.
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Still with exams :frowning: I end the 8 of July so…

What kind of ridiculous schedule is that?! It’s so interesting to hear different country’s academic calendars. How long is your break after exams conclude?

How long… I don’t know, I have exams almost every week lol

Tomorrow we have our last exam then 2 free weeks to enter a 3 week exams period.


So we are not “free” those 2 weeks XD

Are you guys at the university schools/level? What is your “academic calendar”? For example, in the US, most colleges/universities operate from early September to mid May. Most secondary and elementary schools operate from very late August/early September to late May/early June.

University. Ours goes from early September to early July.

Completed both the ARAL challenges!

Working overtime bro, havent had time to play recently

Both ARALs done in one match. 5v5 casual with ARAL hero and 5+ KDA done too.

Finally! After failed attempts in ranked last week, and a few fails this week with casual, it’s done! 3v3 casual in 14:59 or under with a 3+ KDA. Just awaiting ARAM now!

BOTH 5v5 ranked done in one match. I had no idea my KDA was so ridiculous until the end. Silence!


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It’s not like they can escape.


Hi! I’m your number one fan! :heart_eyes:

I don’t hate you. I don’t even know you! And in an hour’s time, I won’t even remember you.

(Cosplay of me by the very talented HezaChan)

ARAM challenge complete. Most (tied) assists on team. Brawl challenges complete with the bonus.

Completed the ARAM challenge as well. Sniped @Imanoob again in the match

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