VGFCOW Week #21 Jun 2 - 8, 2019

Week 21! Our second champion has been named. Congratulations to @DIMTI! Stay tuned for the announcement regarding our next COW champion-themed forum background.

I’ll be incorporating event modes in this week’s challenges. Apologies for not doing so last week - I wasn’t sure if the published schedule would be stuck to. So far, it seems good.

Brawl/Event Mode Challenges

  • Win an ARAM with a KDA of 6 or higher
  • Win a 3v3 Casual (scheduled for 6/6) without dieing
  • Win three Blitz matches with the same hero using all three of its talents
  • Win a ARAL match with a KDA of 4 or higher

Standard Mode Challenges

  • Win a ranked 3v3 with over 10 assists
  • Win a ranked 3v3 in 14:59 or faster
  • Win a ranked 5v5 as a :vgroles_captain: with 20 or more assists
  • Win a casual 5v5 with 15 or more hero kills
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Blitz and ARAL challenges complete. After winning my first two with Catherine using her legendary and epic talents, fellow forumer and guildmate @Imanoob sniped me in a nail-biter. He then joined me and helped me complete the challenge.

Blitz matches:

And the ARAL challenge. Hitting the 4 KDA on the dot.

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Completed the ARAM/L challenges! The ARAL was actually a really close one because I almost died while the vain was exploding.

Coming through! @HipsterSkaarf :rofl:

ARAM complete. Just awaiting casual 3v3.

Completed the blitz and two ranked 3v3 challenges!

Dang. No :vgroles_captain:, no problem. The ole 2-in-1!

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Ranked 3v3 with over 10 assists (Gwen) and Casual 5v5 with 15 or more hero kills (Ylva).

Completed the 15+ kills in 5v5 challenge! This was actually the longest 5v5 match I’ve ever been in.

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Completed the 3v3 cas without dying! Those bonus points are mine UwU