VGCF Rumble/Event Tournaments!?

Hi All -

Curious as to your thoughts regarding having some organized private match play utilizing ARAM, ARAL, and Rumble matches. Your ELO is safe from harm, and it would be a fun way to get a lot of us playing together. I also feel the games would be quite competitive while utilizing casual and fun match modes! My vision:

  • In the party chat lobby, you can select two captains to pick teams.
  • In the party chat lobby, if teams would like, you can ban 1-2 heroes each for a mode like Rumble.
  • Best of 3 or best of 5 or you can rotate teams/captains.
  • These matches would take place on weekends only.

Leave your thoughts and interest below!


This would be great!

That sounds like fun, but I’m wondering how many of us are actually on the same server?

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Good point. I didn’t think of that.

I’m on NA.

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You don’t have smurfs on other servers? I don’t either. :laughing:

I’d be willing to join in if this actually comes into fruition. I’ll gladly get completely destroyed with bust out my Ozo. :ozo:


I’m EU. Also @hazeleyes I think I did set up an NA account when I was visiting my cousin in Boston 2 years ago, but I don’t remember the login for it.

FORUM EVENTS YES!!! We should also do 3v3 forum tournaments!

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I’m also realzing that if we do this as private matches, then elo isn’t effected any ways, right? So we could open it up to 5v5 and 3v3. I do think the brawl modes would be epic! Heck, we could even do blitz and simply state folks have to select “no talent”.

I’d like to make this come to fruition. A couple of questions, thoughts, and/or concerns:

  1. What’s the activity level of this forum? Are accounts mostly active here, sporatic, or do we have a lot of inactive accounts here?
  2. What times work for people? Is there a significant difference in connection speed if you’re an EU player making an account for NA?
  3. A little off topic, and if we wanted to split this to another threa in another category, if we feel the player base is limited (speaking in termas of quantity, not quality) is it appropriate, encouraged, or frowned upon for us to be promiting this forums to our friends on Vainglory!? I certainly try to when I remember/think of it.

As you can tell - I like organizing “events” or “functions” for a forum community when I’m a part of one. I hope my efforts aren’t overbearing or obnoxious to any of you.

Here’s an answer to #1:

Are all these unique users? No, of course not. But I will tell you from monitoring the logs that we have a lot of lurkers who read frequently but who don’t post often or at all.

With regard to #3, I’d vote for using the existing Tournaments category.

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Unless the promotion isn’t overly obnoxious to the point that it pushes people away from here, (which I highly doubt most is) doing it is honestly a good idea. Helps us become more of a forum with additional inputs and views and new users are always welcome.