VGCE Status?

Anybody know what’s happening with the game? There was no dev update this week, and I still haven’t found any information about server hosting/sponsorship/subsidizing …

Is anyone playing VG at the moment? The last time I tried (a couple weeks ago), it was a very poor experience – frequent & severe lag that drastically affected gameplay.

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Nothing more has been said in reddit either as far as I could see.

I’ve been playing from time to time and so far other than a disparity in skill between the players in the match I haven’t faced any significant problem. Surprisingly I’ve been having less lag with this CE than with the normal game.

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A recent post by dev

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I just read Loquori’s post linked above by @IAmNotJesus, and I think it’s important to post here in its entirety:

Earlier this evening, Cloaken forwarded to me a report he received from a player showing an offensive name. The player had managed to use a 1b client to defeat the word filter by using an alternate character we used to not allow in names. As a result, I have rolled out a server hotpatch that will return to more strictly validated handles. In addition, even if a player manages to bypass it when setting their handle, we check it again when they queue for a match. If an obscene word or unacceptable character is found, we now replace it with a Temporary handle.

Unfortunately, this means the colorful names are also no longer allowed , as they also fail the strict character check.

The obscene handle reported was a racial slur made to look like a Temporary name. That is not who we are.

I was getting ready to shut my laptop down when the message from Cloaken came in. This could not wait even a day, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I had addressed this. I cannot believe that I had to work late for this. I cannot believe that other project work had to wait for this. I cannot believe this is how I’m starting my first weekend off in the last 14 weeks. However, those frustrations are not even a drop in the ocean compared to the threat and constant drain of living while Black in North America and many other places in the world. I cannot believe that we are still fighting bigotry.

I offer a personal apology to the community that I allowed our game to be used for this kind of hatred. I knew that this was a possibility when I heard about the colors being used in names in 1b, but I dismissed it. That was a mistake, and I regret it. The servers have been updated, and I’m going to take another pass to check and see that we are doing what we can to prevent people from using our game to degrade and demean other people.

I am also thankful to the people who reported it. This only remains the status quo, if we do nothing to counter it. When we see members of our community using racial slurs, we must let them know that it is not OK. Ironic or “funny” or clever racism is still racism and is still unacceptable.

SEMC is a company of craftspeople. We strive every day to improve our technique and our teamwork. We respect and lift each other up. We take care of each other and help each other do our best work. We make mistakes. We own up to them, do our best to fix them, and make amends. That is who we are.

Well done, Loquori – it’s a sad commentary on our society that racism remains all too common in online gaming communities.


I played a few weeks ago and lag was horrible for multiple matches over multiple days - then tried again today and yesterday and it was fine (small 300-400ms spike at one point, but I think that was my wifi). Someone must’ve done something, in EU at least.

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Lags and desync was quite bad all 2020 tbh, but yeah - now they are even worse. Didn’t play in a few weeks, it’s a lot worse experience vs when it was atleast semi supported by rogue. :confused:

A short update

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Aaannd no updates for quite some time now. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing … :anguished:

Joking, but - they saw lol wr alpha release and the quality of the game (+that it have more common with VG than ML, really) and gave up. :smiley:

I know you are kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a nugget of truth to that: WR is looking like what VG could have – and should have – become. SEMC are having to put a lot of effort into retooling a game that’s long past its day. Sentimentality and nostalgia aren’t likely to create a sustainable player base, particularly with much more full-featured options available nowadays.

I feel like SEMC would make an interesting case study in business school.


If you watch closely, you will find few VG ideas in WR, btw. Ofc in a polished and finalised state.

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Otherwise on the topic, given how WR shapes out to be, I hardly doubt the frozen, fragmented, abandoned, buggy and barebone VG stands a chance to have any trace of a decent player base after WR launch. Sad or not, it’s the truth.

And it totally got the potential to be up there and what WR now will be… years in advance. :frowning:

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Continuing the discussion from VGCE Status [Mod edit: post moved back to main topic]

Hi everyone …well for me ,if there’s no update from VGCE & SEMC, no problem . Still playing VG until today…
SEMC not just a Dev Team, most of them are gamers like Us. They know what is Good and Not for the game Label. In Last Update Cloaken did say that couldn’t make things clear on iOS side, But he never give up on what’s hasn’t been done. It’s not like they Making more longer time,
Perhaps everyone should knows what they are doing, They have their own game, nevertheless stopped to make VG better and better for you to playing. A lots of Others moba games have just entered in iOS AppStore & Android PlayStore . They have the new games around the Conner, and so do VaInglory, it has a new VGCE version to be released out soon. TBH People Making a comparison between those two and define things is a completely wrong. Every Gamers has that feeling which is suits them. and also there’s Official generate count number which game has highest number of players . The truest Comparison is right there.
(Trash talking alien never gets things right )


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VG Community - We’re still working on this crash issue from Apple QA that has proven far more complicated than anticipated. Given the delay, we have also begun the work to incorporate the community art (@ilyas_bolatov) into the build at the same time. Thank you for your patience!

Source: official Twitter

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Alright - the UI main screen I wanted!


I still feel that the moving wallpapers from 5vs5 release that was created for a few patches, is the better choice that screams quality. There is a reason why all high quality MOBAs use those… and SEMC that was among the first on mobile dropped the idea (for obvious reasons back in the days). Ok, but why not using them now? Selectable in menu + with random every loading option, should not be that hard code wise… normally, as we all heard how SEMC are code wise. :smiley:

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VG update on app store (ios), just now appeared.

Edit: it’s broken, downloading and then it does not install. Atleast for now it’s like that, tried two times with the same result.

Can confirm – same result here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

EDIT: Fixed! See below :arrow_down: