VG Waifu and Husbando Tier Lists


I randomly made a tier list of VG waifus as well as husbandos and I thought I should share them.

Link to the tier list generator I used is here if anyone is interested in making their own, I’m actually really curious about everyone else’s tastes in VG waifus and husbandos!


is protecc the ones you despise or the ones that you think are unsuitable to be suitor to?


The latter. They are too wholesome


i can;t even imagine a lewded petal and hope that no one will rectify this


I wont lie.

I was ready to throw hands if BF wasnt on or above tier A :see_no_evil:

Im not biased at all :new_moon_with_face:

Also all heros in tier D should and will be deleted when I buy VG with my monopoly money :cowboy_hat_face:


Is alpha is the mythical ss tier? I cannot find her.



She’s so irrelevant, I forgot her :potoo:

Edit: Wait ur blind. Shes the second icon for tier D



Should be higher smh


Not really into mechanical dolls with a tortured mind :new_moon_with_face:


CP BARON is the only Waifu I need