VG Servers Down?


I just finished a match and the game started freezing to the point where it was like a powerpoint presentation in the end match screen and now I can’t connect to the servers after trying to get back on whether I use my PC or my phone. Anyone else experiencing this?


Yup, can’t open game.

This reminds of 2016 lol.


Experiencing the same issue, whether I do wifi or mobile data


The servers seem to be back up for me. I had the problems as well, but it lets me connect fine now.


Not me. I am still receiving the same “Unable to connect :-/” message. Regardless of data vs. wifi.


They were down, then up again, and back down. Not sure what the status is currently. :kraken_sad_t1:


The server side of VG has been a nightmare recently. First the API and not this. Also in some games I have been getting 300 ms for the entire match with only like 15 seconds on lag free gameplay every now and then despite never having that lag prior.