VG on Switch pretty much confirmed

So uh…get your Switches ready ig :^)


Dunno, I would love the game to be crossplatform for real, but they can’t fix the core mobile version, now also the PC version and continue to expand on other platforms… :roll_eyes:
Most likely rushing the whole thing too as the player base is fastly declining? Dunno about that too, but from the summer start till now they introduced a lot of critical bugs + didn’t fix most of them.


You’re not wrong about the bugs, but they need more players and this is a move in the right direction for that problem at least…

If the game grows off the back of the PC launch then that will improve thing financially at SEMC and hopefully lead to those ever increasing bugs being pushed back out.

Then for Christmas time perhaps we see full console release. Joystick scheme already proves they can make the game work for the Switch, PS4 and XBox.

At that point you have a rather unique game as no other has managed to unify all gaming platforms. If the bugs are dwindling by that point, the game is not only unique in being cross platform, but also is being rather gorgeous to look at and pretty fun to play.

The future’s not set but it could be quite bright and there’s no harm in hoping for that

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The things is, that some (and recently a lot) of those bugs are game breaking/affecting. Normally a game development company will label them as critical. Yet, SEMC let them exist (for some) for a half a year AND introduce more critical affecting heavily the game bugs. Some can be seen even by a noob player, easily reproduced and affect the outcome… I love how I can’t AA someone who is 1hp with 1 000 gold bounty and he gets away in the late game where: I will buy another T3 item from it, the timers are 60 seconds and he is insanely good. For example… a lot can be put there. Bugs are not ok no matter the reasoning, especially critical ones that can be easily spotted and affecting the gameplay (in obvious ways).


I don’t disagree with anything your saying here.

I’m of the opinion that SEMC have been forced to leave the game in this state for financial reasons. I don’t know this as fact, I’m just theorising.

I’m hopeful a larger player base can help alleviate the financial situation and allow SEMC, who at their core if not being harranged by investerors, surely want to see an end to these bugs too.

Is there a solid list anywhere of the real game breakers to reference?