VG human API (humor)

Since the API down , I’ll be the forum vg human API
Post your match screenshot and I’ll give you the numbers , don’t be mad at the result we are humans we do mistakes .

Note: first reply get auto MVP even if you dealt zero damage and afked.

Top5 win rates
Petal 98.6%
Krul 98.5%
Reim 98.4%
Rona 90%
Flicker 89.9%

Top5 banned
Petal 100%
Krul 99.9%
Reim 99.8%
Rona 99.79%
Flicker 99%

Top 5 picked
Petal 200%
Krul 199.999999%
Reim 199.999998%
Rona 199.999997%
Flicker 199%

If you are a ranked troll and get detected by me I’ll count it as unskilled play so don’t worry you safe , only innocent players get punished .


edited: Just realized this was a joke post… Sooo ill do this to NinjaBryden :eyes:

IGN: RiseChu… JK

User: NinjaBryden

Aight where are my stats

Thanks for Trusting and using my service , here is the full stats of your games both @RiseChu and @NinjaBryden

Games stats for Rischu and ninja


Wow it really works! Fantastic job