VG Easter Eggs

Hmmm… just saw this on Emmaskyeward’s twitter:

Pretty neat little easter egg, but I don’t know how to trigger it. Has anyone here figured it out? Or found any other easter eggs?

edit to add: figured it out! :kraken_happy_t2:

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I must ask before i spend my lifetime to figure it out.

Is it the home page or in another tab like market

Tfw HS finds out but doesn’t tell us


I wouldn’t want to rob you of the joy when you find it yourself. :skaarf:

I won’t even try to find out xd
I just wanted a quick heads up </3

That’s pretty neat!

I figured out to trigger it btw

$$Pay SEMC$$


Wot how in the world did you manage to find it? Are there even clues to it?