VG drop rate in play store


I notice VG rate drop from 4.4 to 4.3 in playstore

Is the game really dying?


Using a 0.1 star drop for reviews on the Playstore to show that the game is dying is a huge exaggeration, imo. It’s certainly not in a great state (which the rating drop reflects) but as far as we know, it’s not dying.


It’s actually not a bad indication because to drop 0.1 on a rating out of 5 with big number of players already rated that means you received a lot of bad ratings lately , I think it’s about the player experience , there is a crashing problem semc didn’t talk about and making the game available for these crashing devices means they going to rate it negative , the matchmaking and we talked about casual and ranked for new players or even old players struggling with matchmaker matching high tier with low tiers .


I face crashing problem as you said every time I play 5vs5 in middle of fight I lose rank because this problem I play only blitz and aral right now


Yeah they should say if they going to support these devices or not atleast make vg not compatible with these devices and stop making people crash on our games , or fix the crashes .


The problem they focus now on PC they don’t give intention to mobile version bugs and crashing problem


And maybe if SEMC manages to fix the out of game experience as well as visual bugs in addition to optimizing PC’s UI better the game would not be mixed on Steam cause 99% of bad reviews have to do with load times or the poor UI. They also need to make it so that the amount of chests and keys you have do not update AFTER you open one and instead loads and then open chests. It’s kinda annoying


Im curious to what are they actually fixing :eyes:

Like did they accomplished anything this patch such as reducing load times or perfecting the PC client?

It would be nice to know what they are doing to polish VG but since we haven’t gotten any info besides the touch ups to the UI. Which leads me to believe that its not a priority…

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