VG Card Game OwO


First off let me say that I put in a Fan Art because this belongs in the Fan Creation section but this doesn’t fit into the given three.
Secondly this game is totally not mine but there is no advertisement for it on the forums and it deserves it.
That is all.


There’s nothing showing a game or it’s development, or how it works. No screenshots, no videos. No material to reference. It’s just a bunch of pictures ripped from SEMC and it claims to be “like Hearthstone” but even that description is lacking. When I want to “play now” I have to sign up? Hard pass, unless someone can show me a working product.


Lol maybe that’s why no one advertised it because it isn’t finished XD


Here’s another one that’s high quality UwU


I signed up attempted to a play game but nobody else was in match making so I’m unable to see how the game actually is, I did look through some of the cards and there abilities it definitely is setup like hearthstone and it’s most definitely riddled with countless bugs. Could be something great once finished.