Veteran player thinking about playing again have no clue about the current VG anymore

Started playing when Lyra came out and I have not touched this game since Sen feng was released so i think since late 2018 i stopped. Been playing alot of Dota 2 and pc games in general.
What is the general state of the meta, heroes and items? Have any changes came about that changed the games direction?
Ill be honest im on the side of the fence that 5v5 really killed this game aswell as the botched up tier ranking . Getting to Poa/VG really took alot of effort and matching up vs other players were of a high degree of mechanical skill level and game knowledge. After 5v5 i met POA players who did not even know how to reflex block, many boosted players, OTPS who will lose if they do not get their pony. The skill level of players on average has just tanked in all tiers since 5v5, the only thing that had risen is instalocking toxicisity .
There is alot else i can rant about but its probably been over-ranted on this forum by now, as a captain main i basicaly got the point of trolling or playing sawport because solo que was such a shitfest.
The que times are actually not as bad as people think it is, i have 8min waiting times in Dota which is 10 times bigger then vgs playerbase.
Is this forum still active, im hoping someone can give me adequate information but just after 10 minutes of browsing it seems theres more activity about league of legends and only a few same people who post anymore.


Welcome back to the forum – yes, it’s still active, but as you’ve noticed, the activity is largely concerned with other games/subjects these days. I think most people are disappointed with the current state of VG and with SEMC’s neglect of the game, and they’re hanging around here because of the community (there are a LOT of great folks here, and many more people visit daily than post) and because they’re looking for something to reignite their passion for a game they used to love.

That said, there are a bunch of resources you may find useful – a good starting point is here:

Also, the search function is your friend, as it will surface topics that are otherwise hard to find.

Last but not least, I do think there’s still a market for a well-made mobile MOBA. The interest in Riot’s upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift is proof of that. Whether it’s WR or whether SEMC revives VG somehow, we’ll still be here to provide a place for folks to share their thoughts, experiences, and so forth!


Yep, everything you’ve said is right. There are less players now, and a saturation of complaints (rightly and wrongly). The meta isn’t all that different from when you were last playing (4.0). You might check the Knowledge Hub for links to meta discussion: VGForums Knowledge Hub. It’s incomplete, but probably has the most interesting and useful content at the moment.

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In general the game is in a good place to come back to. I’d argue VGs gameplay is really solid right now, but for those of us that have been playing it’s gotten really stale. It’s not that it’s bad, just has not changed enough to remain super engaging.

Player base seems to have somewhat declined over the last couple of months, but I’d say it’s more or less stable. The biggest drop off already happened.

For a captain I think with the last update captains buffed so captains are in a good spot , but players not going to get good suddenly so the players are still the same you still see questionable plays .

I don’t think it’s stable, unfortunately. Every piece of data I have looked at shows exactly the same thing:

(That’s from Google Trends, but the graphs from Steam, the Samsung App Store, our forum, &c. all look the same. Before the API died, usage of the projects in which I was involved paralleled the Google Trends data as well.)

That said, it seems to me that a little effort on SEMC’s part would go a long way to arresting the decline and stabilizing the player base. But their attention seems to be directed elsewhere these days.

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