Very fun Game

This was probably the most fun i have had in any ranked game honestly

It even was pretty balanced in terms a vst.


It’s cause u had Ozo on your team duh @DIMTI

Actually i saw more Ardan than ozo i was top lane vs celeste

Sh Ozo makes all games 1000% better


Those builds :oops: fountain on kestrel, SC on Taka, BoE and no pierce on Celeste, random heavy steel on Ozo, husk on skaarf, hybrid Idris build…

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I did hybrid as i needed range facing celeste but have better dodging capabilities against her a and be with wp allowing me to get closer easier to delete with 1 or 2 attacks

If you’re doing hybrid you should go CP as the only advantage it has is damage and range while WP path gives much to your kit. Yes with SG you would have ranged AAs but you won’t have damage to them. And WP gives instant dash, energy regen on hit and lowers CD on your dashes. Also your damage is AAs mainly + chakram. Chakram is better with CP and the shiv build gives good amount of atk speed and the WP infusion you need gives even more. Which does help your CP damage unlike SG to WP build. And on top of that you have mortal wounds and lifesteal (it is universal).

Shatterglass was one of those emergency situational at the time. In order to not get destroyed by a celeste turret camping by being able to stay out her range attacking minions and not be starved of gold.

Then full WP is better. You need to burst her not fight her in her best part. Full WP = more burst and Idris has it easy diving her. Trying to beat her from range is like picking Reim because he has good sustain into Krul who’s this king of it. Playing in their specialty.

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Nah it’s cause he followed my lead and went hybrid Idris

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Yes and no. To get any farm i needed to be out of range for a star deleting half my health. Wp damage overall is more i mailnly ranged for minions or when i was 1v2ing under turret until either one had to fall back from health or until help arrived. If my captain was bad i would have went full cp which i prefer not to. My lane was pushed to bottom turett and had the most teamfighting as the opposing team came to celeste aid. You can nitpick things all you want but no build is universal to playstyles

There’s so much wrong about all of this. First of all were you going mid against her? If so you aren’t supposed to go mid WP Idris, he’s a bot laner. This Celeste’s build is HORRIBLE. She has about as much CP as if she would with her first CP item if building normally. She has an AC lol. She wouldn’t be doing much damage. You have an entire item more than her. Also you had 0 defense (which to be honest isn’t that big of a deal judging by her build). None of them have any armor besides Vox yet you got BS which is pretty bad in general right now. I’m not nitpicking just trying to help you improve but if you don’t want to I can’t.

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Got bonesaw thinking armor would be built yet wasn’t and didn’t have the time to change it up. Most she was 2 or 3 items ahead until i over extended after we got black claw out. I try to think ahead with my builds sometimes it bites like them not buyin defense

Getting items before you need it can and will cost you power spikes which you need and also early game advantages. Try SB, Shiv, TB on WP Idris and DE/SG, AC, BM, Shiv + wp infusion on CP Idris and I don’t think you’ll change it (Not tweaks I mean the most of it). And were you laning against Celeste? If so one of you is in the wrong lane.

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Celeste was in the wrong lane which is why the emergency sg. I was top laning. Personall i prefer broken mask over shiv.

This, CP Idris with this build is an absolute monster. You start with 2 crystal bits, farm until you get 900/1200 gold and buy 3 crystal bits/3 CB + boots, based on personal preference. You can go first item AC but the pros get DE/SG first. Get BM after AC because once you get shiv you won’t be spending gold on much since you have to have a permanent WP infusion.

If she’s playing bot that’s already troll and your win should have it easily. And as I said shiv gives same lifesteal before SM is depleted but it gets depleted fast and Shiv actually helps with CP damage because of attack speed.

Yeah the 5 bits is like the strongest power spike in the game. He literally takes like 60% hp of some heroes at lvl 2 with a single chakram.

Why go for Shiv + infusion when you can do it with just SS? I know Idris doesn’t exactly take advantage of the passive cause of his stamina, but it’s the 100 WP you need to get the perks, and you still have space for an infusion of either sort…

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Because this 100 WP is useless as you are a CP hero. Not enough as you are CP. Drops your CP damage while not doing any useful WP damage. And Shiv on the other hand has very high attack speed stats + the required WP infusion gives very good attack speed as well + lifesteal which SSW doesn’t give + utility through the mortal wounds which are applied very frequently because of the attack speed. All of that actually boosts your CP damage as he is an AA reliant hero and also even with your CP damage you heal from shiv.