Verp, the dangerous shadow


this is verp who is also from the same place as Smokey the idea

verp is a stealthy assasin who is most likely op able to kill and disappear

Perk: The Shadow
Every time Verp kills a jungler monster he gains a few seconds of stealth. He gains a larger amount of stealth after killing a hero or securing and objective. Basic attacking and using abilities puts the timer on pause and the stealth is reactivated after finishing the action. stealthing in bushes or through other means (like mooncloak) also pauses the timer. getting damaged reveals him and does not pause the timer but he will restealth after not being attacked for 0.75 seconds

A: No Light
Verp Taunts enemies, dealing large crystal damage. (if he has any stealth time it will activate making them unable to attack him) for each basic attack that lands on him during this time he heals for 50% of that and deals cp and wp damage to the attacker.

B: Please, The Pain, The Pain
First activation:
Verp swishes his tail over the enemy, dealing crystal damage and stunning them.
1.5 second cooldown
Second activation:
Verp attacks the enemy dealing a missing health execute and some cp damage

Ult: The Need of Absence
Verp jabs his skull forwards, dealing missing health damage, crystal ratio, max health damage and extra max health damage based on the amount of stealth he has left.

so this is Verp. he resembles a pink gumdrop poo with stubby arms and legs, purple smoke for a taila weird birdlike skull over his face and large purple ears. i hope you enjoy

This is a very basic hero that could quickly become way too OP. All his abilities are basically large damage with some addition, In the form of a taunt, a stun, and extra damage. His passive is the only variation, and the thing that makes him so powerful. I’m not saying this hero wouldn’t work, on the contrary. He’d be a noob hero that has no interesting playstyle and no skill other than maybe being able to activate stealth and dive in immediately.

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i wanted to make a simple but interesting hero sort of like SAW. thats what his perk is for to make him a bit more interesting and go with the shadowy theme i had for the lore. his a was the hardest thing to come up with though i knew what the b and ult would be but i had trouble coming up with something that could server as a constant damage dealer to help with farming but also work as an assassin. i can most certainly that i messed it up :kissing_cat: i am thinking maybe a simple slow/damage pulse would be better (the same style as flicker activating atlas pauldron while stealthed)