Varya matchups

Who does varya counter? Her playstyle is different than other mages, she loses against almost every mage and sniper in the early game, late game she still can’t duel snipers unless they are already low. Who exactly is she good against?

I believe she’s known as the female Vox for her perk and B dash. Also like Vox, very late game hero and can delete anyone with a full build and good macro play.

I also have trouble playing her, so I would also like any Varya players to comment. She’s so squishy. I have killed low health heroes with the global ultimate, but that’s as far as my experience goes.

I still have trouble knowing the range her B dash will connect with the enemy, sometimes it just doesn’t zap them and sometimes it does.

Any good Varya players write a guide?


you can play varya into anythinh tbh


I still can’t understand when she gets online , one moment I am barely tickling the enemy and then suddenly she ramps up and gets pentakills easily.

Varya needs a good positioning since she is very squishy and moves very slow like fish in the pond. Her ult is very tickling and easy to be dodged. I just remember the day she was OP with weapon build…lol.

When a melee enemy team wants to dive an objective Varyas Ult is awesome at stealing it and force them to move…

Varya counters mid-lane Varya. I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen this weekend. At LEAST one per game. It’s weird because if you catch her alone 1v1 she gets destroyed, but in a 5v5 team fight she shreds health? It’s a mystery…

It is because she relies on chaining her aa across multiple close range hero’s. She is a squishy that needs to be in the back of the fights along with her being a mage that has a movement ability. Next up you have her ult which if you catch everyone grouped up in a team fight is a delete button

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