Valorant - Riot's team shooter coming this summer

Looks promising, though it’ll be up against some heavy competition, including Overwatch 2


OW2 is not needed at all… it’s just a patch really. The only reason to exist is the long period without any new(and especially successful) games from blizzard.

“VALORANT - Viper” by Atey Ghailan

Full image:

“Phoenix & Jett” by Suke ∷

Details :arrow_right:

“VALORANT - Sage” by Atey Ghailan

Full ArtStation post here

“Valorant Closed Beta Key Art” by Suke ::

source: ArtStation

I don’t know if its really competing much with overwatch. It’s more or less a direct competitor to counter strike.

I personally am really looking forward to it. I’ve been folowing it for a while, and getting ex counter strike pros to do the gameplay design seems to have really payed off.

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Yep, that’s exactly what I’ve been reading.

Just to elaborate a little more for anyone less familiar, it’s not really a hero shooter the same way Overwatch is. You don’t have abilities as any kind of primary damage dealing, they are more like specialized tools to augment the normal counter strike gunplay. You aren’t going to be running around in a mech or tanking a bunch of shots. It’s more like a small boost here and there to let you get good angles, or a smoke cloud to obscure vision.

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:arrow_up: Find the steps necessary to get access to the closed beta here! Access remains limited – good luck! (I don’t have access yet either :sob:)

Been watching a British streamer play Valorant this morning – looks quite fun! I’m hoping to get a beta invite drop soon!

I have one question, do anyone have the problem with error that says Vanguard anti-cheat has encountered an error, please relaunch the client to restore anti-cheat function.
It seems fixed that i have found on the internet even the ones RIOT Games send me doesn’t work.
I would be more than happy if someone can explain what is going to on since the RIOT needs like a ween to reply on the ticket.

Thank you!

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I wish I knew how to help, but I don’t have beta access yet! :sob:

Also, welcome to the forum! :vgcheersx3:

Update: I just got my beta invite! :partying_face: Downloading now!


Hopefully the game will run without any errors and shit that i have received and with no explanation why and no fixes…

Good luck and enjoy playing it !

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:arrow_up: Useful information regarding Riot’s new anti-cheat software, Vanguard. It’s a little unnerving that it uses a kernel mode driver … I don’t like granting that sort of access to my PC, tbqh, though as Riot points out, that sort of anti-cheat software is already installed with lots of AAA games – Riot is just being up front about it with Valorant.

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Yeah i know what is Vanguard and how it works, since i didn’t have any trouble with other FPS games and their anti cheat systems this seems a little bit odd if you ask me. All of my friends got the key and their game is running smoothly without any error or something like that i am wondering where is the problem here… I hope that the problem behind this is on RIOT side and that they will fix it soon because i am loosing my nerves over it :smiley:

If it’s working for all of your friends without problems (and I’m not having any issues myself, though obviously I’ve only just started playing the game), why would you think the problem is on Riot’s side?