Valorant Launch Day

Valorant launches 2020-06-02T12:00:00Z!


More info and download links here :arrow_up:

If you were in the beta like I was, the release version brings some changes you’ll want to know about:

In which device can it be downloaded in? Never mind, seems that not in iPad… sadly :frowning:

PC only, I’m afraid – sorry, should have made that clear!

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So … my kids both LOVE Valorant! We played a couple of custom matches with just the three of us so they could get the hang of the game, then we jumped into the queue … and had a ball! My son, who’s never played an FPS, had a great time, and my daughter, whose only previous shooter was Overwatch, had so much fun that she kept playing late into the night, long after the rest of us signed off!

:arrow_up: Our team

My daughter is already very good with Jett … my son likes Sova. The only agent I can play with any competence at all is Sage, so I have to instalock her in every match or we’re kind of doomed. :grimacing:


The game looks cool, will try it out for sure (played CS, including competitive, from the beta versions times up till 1.6 and somewhat source, so have quite the history with it). I actually like the “lightweight” visuals.

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Ended up getting it last night. My brother was in the BETA but I was never able to get it.

I must say, I’m really impressed. The game obviously feels a lot like CSGO, but there is enough here to make it stand out , the obvious difference is the characters, but I was really happy to see the gun selection. I was also really impressed with the optimization. It runs better than CSGO on my potato laptop, with much more modern looking visuals. The tutorials and training modes are great to dial in your settings, and the ability to change sensitivity on the gun range without going into the settings menu -why don’t more games have this feature?

Definitely thinking this will be the next online competitive game I get into after VG.


nice volarant runs so well on my surface pro

Help i keep getting error code 1 :frowning:


A couple sites had similar info for fixing error 1:

Also, here’s a Riot Support page with the most common error codes and what to do for them:


fixed it by running valorant as admin

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Has anyone played the Sombra-esque character? She looks so cool! If so, what are y’all’s opinion on her?

They have to be related. No the are related in my book :joy:

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I have a ways to go before I can unlock her … :frowning:

She is the best designed duelist in my opinion. Clearly the idea is that duelists are meant to fit the kind of player that likes to get really good at mechanics and make clutch 1v5s. Jett certainly fulfills this for people, but her playmaking potential is not insanely high. If your enemies know what they are doing pulling off even a 1v3 is really tough (one big part of this is how loud her dashes are), which is why at high tiers she is not common.

Raze I think just misses the mark in general. Her damage is really cheesey and relies on our enemies grouping up, she has a medium skill cap, and generally suits good timing and positioning vs crazy clutch mechanics. Fun character, not really a duelist.

Reyna is just perfect. The big thing here is that she can combo off of kills, which to the MOBA players is obviously nothing new, but works really well to create great play-making potential. Since she can heal herself she won’t get poked down over many fights like jett, and does not rely on our teams sage to work. One thing that helps her out is she actually has good utility with a potent flash, which no other duelist has. Her ult is the perfect keystone to turn all of this up to eleven, and while it can wiff and be pointless, it can lead wild plays.

Favorite character right now. Really bad at her :confused: Maybe I’ll go back to breach.


Played a bunch of Spike Rush matches with my kids this afternoon – what a blast! Also, I can now (kind of) play Jett … :grimacing:

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