Vainglory's most underwhelming skin

This probably isn’t worth making a post about but I really need to rant about it

…is Bakuto Ringo. It’s an SE skin for shit’s sake! When it was announced, I was so hyped for this skin, expecting some epic ability animations (tbh I just really wanted Hellfire Brew to become a spirit dragon’s head, preferably in deep purple), but no such luck.

And we know SEMC can do better, We’ve all seen Star Queen Celeste, Bakuto Phinn, Evolution Samuel, not to mention many more…

Honestly can we have this skin redesigned? Please? I just want the dragon’s head.


Semc doesn’t redesign skins. This has been discussed multiple times. Moving on…


Lol you want underwhelming skins. Adagios L is the most underwhelming skin nothingchange execpt the ult which just had horns on the top.


Fortress T2 is underwhelming. It’s just Fortress T3 with slightly less armor, and Fortress T3 is just Fortress T1 except he runs with his tail straight up! What a world!


T2 rona is most underwhelming skin it has so much potential if it has gradient effects but semc like nope…

What about Phinn’s summer skin? It may be the cheapest but it’s not a whole lot different.

Phinn’s summer skin was basically free when it came out. It was a trophy skin, so it passes


i think granny rona is still worse. t1 is the best in the fury line

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Instantly thougth the same when reading the title. You look at that skin and your head goes whomp whomp whomp :sad:

That’s news to me, I thought the only difference was the wolves when he ults and that the L skin has 3 heads. The more you know…

I actually really like Bakuto Ringo, but that’s just me. My only gripe is that his skin looks pink (summer party sunburn?).

Other underwhelming skins, most of which have been mentioned in this thread already, are Fortresses’ entire line, pretty much (save for his rare with the plushie on his back), Adagio’s “dark parade” garbage, Grumpjaw’s atrocious Lapdog skin… Yeah there’s a lot of very underwhelming skins.

What about Vox’s sky captain/pirate skin? Can we throw that in the “disgusting” bin?


At the same time, at least they look better than his basic skin…

I like Jack Sparrow Vox :confused:
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How dare u insult doggo Grump :pouting_cat: but I will admit even tho I love Fort’s L skin the only reason it’s underwhelming is cause his tier line was so similar. They were all amazing skins on their own, especially the rare for how easy it was to get. Also I hope u are not saying LE/SE Fort is underwhelming :pouting_cat:

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Butterfly Celeste, Immortal Reim and the Fortress skin with that puppet that I can’t remember the name.
Those skins… Idk why they are in Vainglory.

direwolf fortress is qt ok the doll moves too

Arent those skin rare? For me its acceptable cause theyre rare. Also i like the dire wolf fort. Its cool loooking even without effects


I like Fortress’ dire skin. It has the best looking wolves tbh.

I can’t discuss that you have a point on it.
But these skins just seems forced to me.
I didn’t like the lore either.