Vainglory's heroes are slowly becoming too repetitive

Looking Vainglory’s hero set over the past few years, I can say this with no regrets: Vainglory’s heroes are becoming too repetitive. How you may ask? Take a look at the newest hero. His/her kit is just like the combination of Tony’s and Baptiste’s kit. After X attacks, his attack(s) become(s) empowered. A is just like Tony’s: 3 consecutive attacks. And now we look at the old ones. We have lemme count…5 or more frontal pokes, 3 or more frontal continuous long range abilities, 4 or more dashes, 2 single projectile long range attacks,… Vainglory’s heroes feel like they are just a slightly altered versions of themselves. Do something diiferent, something unique. One example of an unique hero in other games is Abathur from Heroes of The Storm (or HoTS for short). That hero doesn’t direct fight in combat but he stays a really long distance away from the battlefield and helps dealing damage with abilities that need a host and can help teammates by healing them or dealing damage to enemies. Please just do something different.

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you should play league, that’d be fun
omg this new hero is like the other 100 heroes. she has a selfbuff, a long range skillshot, a dash, and she even evolves like another hero.
rito do something different
also, do you know how a long ranged hero would work? how the heck would anyone get an ace? how does anyone prevent dragons from being stolen from a mile away? abathur works because the game mechanics in HoTS allows him to work


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Translation: you’re getting repetitive yourself
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I moved this over to Dear SEMC as it is not really a discussion on 5v5 or Heroes, and fits better here as it reads like an open letter.


I’m going to dip just a toe into this conversation, but, part of (subjectively) Vainglory’s repetitive heroes and their kits come from a real lack of any diverse mechanics. The most interesting mechanics we have are fear, and taunt, both of which only one hero has each.

We just had had a hero that can change abilities depending on her form. What’s so repetitive with that? Plus the upcoming hero isn’t even fully released yet.


Yeah you’re right how come heroes’ abilities are either target or a skillshot. TOO REPETITIVE I NEED GYROSCOPE ABILITIES


I mean you also have sleep but tbh they’re all just stuns with “small variations”

Thank you, I forgot about sleep. Yes, you’re right, to a degree:

Taunt and Fear have forced directional movement,
Sleep can be interrupted by taking damage.

we’ve literally only seen half of this guy’s kit and we don’t even actually have much info on his kit. what the heck.

To be honest, idris changes more.

Past few years? Come on man, we’ve had an incredible diverse set off abilites, tell me does churn water play like flicker? Does Baptiste play like Tony?

Flicker’s ult, Varya’s B + A combo and her Ult, Malene in general, Alpha’s Perk + Ult, Idris’s Perk, Churny in general, Skye in general…

Yes Idris, Reza and Blackfeather are all very similar, but there’s still times in a draft where you’d definitely pick one over the other, thus making them different.

Can we talk about how riot has started copying SEMC and not the other way around? If Kayn was not a blatant Idris rip-off, then I don’t know what he was (ok maybe not entirely but look at them). That’s because THESE ARE ORIGINAL IDEAS comin out of SEMC. Sure, Tony might not have been entirely amazing but he has 3 abilities and a perk which all have no comparables in the game. And you can’t expect every hero to be something completely new.

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I have to agree. Hero design is NOT one of SEMC’s problems. (Kudos to Ciderhelm!)


I didnt like toe knee because his kit is too basic. Then i spent glory uncloking him just realize how fun he was to play.

Basically, not being too exotic or not having complicated mechanics doesn’t make a hero boring :confused:


To me this read like this: “Heroes are all either doing damage or healing teammates, VG hero design is too BASIC and REPETITIVE semc step up”

And that just sounds silly.

Imo we have almost no plain character/kit designs in VG, aside from maybe Kestrel/Gwen/Ringo (basic shooties) or Tony (punch-2-win)


Even kits that seem basic can be extremely fun to play


Think twice before you post lamcao. Getting bashed aint fun


“think twice before you post lamcao” is the unofficial slogan of old and new VG forums

Seriously I see this guy get beat on so many times, I feel kind of bad. :neutral_face:


It seems like I’m the only one who agrees… rip.