Vainglory's caption/tagline in the App Store is "terrible"

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((If someone already pointed this out, then oops.))

I was visiting the App Store to update Mobile Legends. I noticed that it had fairly good ratings (4.7), so I decided to check Vainglory’s which was 4.8. But really, what caught my attention was the horrendous caption they placed right next to the app name. For those not familiar with the App Store here’s a picture of an example:

It’s supposed to tell the customer what the product is about, right? Or at least entice or somehow provide some sort of teaser.

Here are other the competitors’ captions:
AoV - A 5v5 MOBA Anywhere Anytime (great caption, short and sweet, tells me what I should be expecting)

MLBB: - Play with the world! (little vague, but OK.)

Onmyoji Arena - S3 Begins (meh.)


For a MOBA that built itself on its intuitive touch controls, who even shaded AoV at some point, this is what they added as a tagline/caption/eye-catcher? Are they even proud of their product anymore? That’s so disappointing.

(And I know I sound like I’m nitpicking at this point, and I am… yeah thats all lol(()


At this point anyone they pick off from the street and forced to play VG for a good hour can probably make a better caption. Hell, they might even make a better marketing team.

with more joystick implies that there was some before :eyes: the vainglory i used to know is in tears

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I feel you, sometimes I nitpick too…
Tbh, I like this one, it isn’t that relevant anyway, I never look at those and when I do they have 0 effect on my interest for said game.

The way I see it, it’s just a joke about how some people didn’t like the game primarily because of its control scheme.
This is not directed to you or anyone in particular but I wanna be very clear that VG community should start accepting the fact that there are more mobas around there and there will be people who prefer those before vg for whatever reasons. And that’s okay, personal preferences are a thing and there’s no use on trying to argue which game is better in a sense that is a very subjective matter.

So uh… One of those reasons many people prefer other mobas is because they prefer joystick controls, and that doesn’t mean they are bad players or anything. Imo it’s just a funny way to welcome those players saying sth like: Ok, last time our game didn’t suit your preferences but now we have joystick, we hope that helps, maybe give it a try?

I think vg is by far the most skill and mechanic demanding moba out there but that doesn’t make it any better. It just gives a different mood to it.

Sometimes you wanna test yourself and see try to stutterstep, last hit, block cc, position yourself and focus the right targets so you go play vg and that’s cool.
Sometimes you just wanna waddle around and spam auto aim skillshots without worrying too much about it while you’re chillin’ in your bed, you go play MLBB, and that’s cool too.

Everyone should be free to play whatever they feel like and have fun without toxic fanboyism blaming them for having personal preferences.

Sorry for the AbD eNgLiSh and the lack of sense on this post btw xd
PS: Regardless of all that, Vainglory is still the big succ rn lol


Yeah, that stupid tagline has been bugging me since they first changed it – months and months ago now. It’s really horrific, as you (and many others here) have pointed out. Ngl, I literally cringe every time I read it.


Aovs caption is what I’d expect on vg a year ago when it seemed decent, what’s on vg is what I’d expect to see on those nock off games that just focus on downloads and it supposedly being no. 1 to make a quick buck and impress kids


SEMC= Super Evil Mega Cringe…