Vainglory'd be better if it was a 6v6 not a 5v5 game

To be honest, the jungle in 5v5 is too big and the heroes are still slow as ever though their base movement speed have been buffed like 1% and surprisingly their mobility skills have been nerfed. So I have an idea. Why don’t we turn 5v5 into 6v6? Using the same map, 6v6 will have these benefits:

  1. Laners will have better protection. Gone have the days of being constantly ganked or unable to gank the enemy team or the slow support having to run mindlessly around the map, leaving their needed to be protected ally to protect other ones, 2 junglers will definately make sure that their teammates are safe and the enemies aren’t safe.
  2. Nothing is wasted. 2 junglers mean that the clearing ability is much higher so nothing will be wasted.
  3. It fits the team system perfectly. 1 team has 6 members. 6v6 will fit that team size just fine.

P/s here is the comp if 6v6 happened:
Top Lane: CP mage/sniper.
Top Jungle: CP bruiser.
Mid Lane: CP mage/sniper.
Support: Whatever’s good.
Bot Lane: WP sniper.
Bot Jungle: WP assasin.


Or utilize scout cameras and teleportation boots


Scout Cams can be mown down faster than SAW mowing down Petal’s pets and the Teleport Boots have a 180s cooldown before each activations. That’s straight up 3 minutes of delay.


Yes 3 minutes during those 3 minutes you are clearing half a jungle invading enemies jungle and ganking. Scout cams are easy to mow down but place them right to utilize them to get from one jungle to the other or to gank the far lane.


6v6 would increase the time for one game, making a quick for the on the go MOBA pointless. As for the map, the jungle would need at least one or 2 more camps, extending the map by at least 30 meters.

That’s why Vainglory has Blitz and Battle Royale.

But you are moving so slow. Yes you might debate that Vainglory has fast moving characters but each lane needs an equal amount of protection so 6v6 would be better.

Adding camps, yes but extending the map, no. Most of the heroes in Vainglory move too slow that the map would be too big for them to maneuver.

Really each lane needs equal level? I find that very false bottom and top lane need slight protection(unless your laner is bad match or sucks and if either rotations should be made) while mid lane usually needs a little more babysitting. If increasing players you only add the need for protection. A good roam in 5v5 should be aware of the map and be able to do their job and farm jungle and sometimes a lane when needed

Good roam needs speed and that’s what we don’t have. Unless you want me to make an entire thread buffing the speed of the supports, this is the best way to do the job. And btw, this ain’t my idea. This is my friend’s idea.

That’s why I suggest 2 junglers to provide ganks and soft support while the support is to protect the mid lane.

The jungler in 5v5 is already almost always underfed, because most of the healing treants and buff camps go to the laners, literally all the gold the jungler gets mid-late game is the doubles (which laners often take anyway) and ganks, why do you want to dilute that further? :confused:


Not really a good roam does not need speed in 5v5 a good roam needs proper support from laners and jungler to utilize the free scout cams. Also a good roam utilizes the speed boost of the river.

2 jungler would increase the need of support as it would also give the same amount of jungle to your opponent (same amount of ganking potential). I feel like you want 3v3 style with 3 lanes which could only work out as a 8v8 game 3 laners 3 supports and 2 jungles.

So here is the thing mmm more camps, more rewards/camp. Camps are deeper into the jungle.

Then your mid is definately gonna get gangbanged 2s after you left. Because the speed boost only goes 1 way.

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Well, the point is: not only the laner having to depend on the jungler but also the opposite.

laners already take the junglers farm so there is none wasted or for the jungler

don’t worry

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That’s why I suggest more camps above.

but you also say not to increase the map size. unsure how you think you could have more camps in the same size. also laners will probably assume that sice there are more camps they can take MORE because the jungler has more to pick from but they have only one measly, gold rich lane

what? i’m not salty


5v5 is fine. People need to play it better.