Vainglory Voice Actors


Are all the heroes voiced by two people? And the lines are so cringy. Pretty annoying.

Voice Actors and maybe lore


Hard disagree. I really like the voice acting. It’s pretty awesome how they manage to get so much memorable charm into small sentences. But to each their own, I guess. :kraken_sad_t1:


The female voice actors really do sound like they are voiced by the same person.


What voice lines are cringy? I never did play with volume or very little volume so I never really heard what characters said, so genuinely curious here


Try listening to idris, they are cringy AF but I love them anyways.


Yeah Idris’s lines make me wanna hurl.


Dude i heard silvernails line and he sounds freaken beast. Like i want to see a movie where he is the antagonist


Some of Lance’s lines are quite annoying and pretentious (don’t know if that’s his character).
Idris’s lines all sound like when a outspoken vegan seeing me eat meat and try to preach me.
Tony’s…let’s not ( I liFT eVerYDay BRUHHHH)
Taka and Kensei is the same as Tony…so

The best voice pack in the game for me has to be a tie between Lyra’s and Alpha’s (and maybe Koska’s). Most of the other voice packs, meh, nothing special.


Alphas voicelines are cringey in my opinion. Like her robot personality seems forced. Now tony’s lines make me laugh lmao. He sounds like a douchier version of the jersey shore hahaha


Based on one of the videos , Celeste and koshka same person , idris/ringo/adagio same person .



Erin Yvette, the voices of Lyra & Inara

Voice Actors and maybe lore

O shoot she voices best Borderlands waifu Sasha


Jason E. Kelley, the voice of Lance



Louisa Mackintosh, the voices of Celeste & Koshka


Dave Fennoy, the voice of Baptiste


Leah Russo, the voice of Rona


Lara Asmundson, the voice of Gwen



Rebecca Schweitzer, the voice of Grace


I’ve seen her before but she MOST definitely doesn’t look like a wild fearless berserker of the north to me hahaha.


I love Rona, Lyra, ALPHA’s voice. Knowing the lore around Alpha really makes her voicelines jucier (definitely not the appropriate term, but you get what I mean).