Vainglory Update


It doesn’t state what the update is for but for Android there is a new update in the play store for vainglory.

BTW we really need the vainglory discussion main category unlocked as there wasn’t a sub category that went with this post.

Also, the dev stream is live right now.


my guess is that they try to fix as many bugs as possible asap.


Hopefully, at the very least the frozen top right corner and pushing the news tab


Yeah my worry about unlocking it is that like general in the old forums everything will be posted there without categorisation.

But my worry about not unlocking it is that there will be stuff like this post that doesn’t fit anywhere.

I’m planning on leaving it for a few weeks - adding new categories if they seem essential and then running a poll on what we should do in terms of forum structure.


The Hotfix details were posted on Reddit. They fixed some of the UI issues.


really? they cant even put those on their own website?
anyone still surprised why they close the forum?


Perhaps a Miscellaneous sub category under Vainglory Discussion for topics that don’t fit anywhere else.

But this is also where moderators should come into play.


I just received another update, however I cant find patch notes.

Edit: found them

Bugs fixed in 2.12.2:

  • ‘Get Bonus Glory’ appears on Today in Vainglory on first launch/login of 2.12.
  • 5v5 Match Accept UI shows inconsistent view of who has accepted/declined
  • Party screen appears empty when you join a party
  • The game hitches and sometimes restarts when a hero is on the vain crystal base for a 5v5 Match using Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.
  • Players sometimes get stuck in game and can’t move from a specific spot



Ugh, Reddit again – they only thing they’re consistent about is their lack of any coherent communications strategy.


I actually found the notes from a dev who posted them on another users thread on reddit. I never actually found a main thread specific to the notes.

And the Dev stated there maybe more he forgot about.