Vainglory: The Matchmaker strikes back

Gotta love how balanced my ranked games have been. Hard carry in my lane and still lose cause the enemy team QUAD LANES ME keep in mind I still snag a couple kills and my team still cannot push :smiley: also We took both objectives and we still could not win cause I had to push back minions that my team ignored and managed to break through the armory WHILE we were taking objectives :smiley: you know something is wrong when the enemy team can quad lane for like a minute and not lose much lane presence at all. I got AFK forgiveness tho so I guess I am alright…

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I just LOVE how when I get the low tier players they are the ones that are actually probably brand new to the game. They don’t know how to build, their mechanical skill is beyond garbage, but then the low tier on the enemy team actually know a little bit about rotations. Granted, their mechanical skill was obviously way below mine, but they were able to kinda overpower me cause they rotated way better than my team could play. My Lance was decent tho. He actually listened to me in the draft phase chat and stayed with me and mid :smiley:

wow, this one is really bad.

What worries me is that the total amount of elo rating on both teams is roughly the same, around 6000. So I think the matchmaker just arranged the teams in such a way that difference in elo rating between the team is the most minimal, disregarding individual elo rating entirely. In reality, you and that hottness guy should have never been matched with these players to begin with.

That Vox build is so cool

It makes me sick

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bloody sucks, I’m sorry.

That Vox build :sob:

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There was no way you could win as they had Kirito on their team.

Just kidding and I hate sword art online

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Wow I’ve never had so unbalanced a match outside of casuals. You have my pity!

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I have a bad mmr cause of these games and I probably get these games cause of my bad mmr

So just logged in to play a 5v5 (not played in a while) and the state of match maker is lol

I’ve got a bottom lane Varya who decides to play top lane, I’m forced to give up jungling to play bottom lane whilst two of my team top lane and a WP gwen midlane’s (great draft). To top it off the opposition have VG level players in their midst, with Vox basically double teaming my Varya and Tony!

Am I salty? Not really, but I can appreciate now why people are getting annoyed, this isn’t even that bad but it’s still crazy unbalanced, I’m POA in 5v5 so how am I getting matched with people who don’t understand basic drafting lol

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