Vainglory summed up in one pic

4 minutes to find Br game in tier 6, i am sure all the new players are willing to wait that much to play a “fast pace” game mode.


I’m pretty sure BR counts as a Casual match and tiers don’t matter. it’s the level of talents that matter.

You should migrate over to SEA. sure it’s toxic as hell, but you’ll never have to wait.

I have no talents on this account just like most new players

got a 2 min wait time every time I que for a match and I play quite a lot of BR.


I was once watching Tasa stream and he was in queue for 8 minutes
Didn’t notice the game mode until he found a match , it was br , that was funny !

dang, the playerbase even can’t let us to get match faster… when will the time bomb explode?

Vainglory summed up in one minute.

Oh wait…

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