Vainglory summed up in 3 pictures


Basically why i haven’t played a game in 28 days
Le “Ok i am gonna find a match eventually…”
Le “Ok i give up i am gonna play a game where i will find a game in 15 seconds”
Le “Lets match someone who’s still learning the basics of the game with players at the highest elo”


NOTE: Moved to Salt Mine, as it’s simply complaining about the matchmaker …

But he isn’t. He is talking about a genuine problem.
I have to reserve an hour for a single ranked game. Between que and dodge I often am stuck for 20 min before getting into an actual game.

This isn’t salt it is a genuine issue that has been ignored for far too long.

Starcraft 2 is at 20-30% of its old player base but finds matches within 2 minutes…

A dodge should not reset the que!


There’s no discussion and he isn’t talking about anything - simply 3 pictures and a couple lines directed at the matchmaker, in the form of a complaint.

Correctly moved to Salt Mine


On the bright side, you don’t need to use parties anymore.
You can just be in the same queue and it’s a guaranteed matchup.


Can land on opposite side haha

What is there to discuss about a que that finds no match?

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