Vainglory on steam


I didn’t assert that they represented anything except for the Steam base. Why do the Steam numbers reflect the PC base as a whole?


I didn’t say that they do, only that they’re the only hard numbers anyone has. And they’re appallingly low. Given that Steam is a very popular way to discover new games, that does not bode well for the PC release. (Given that SEMC does exactly ZERO advertising, how else are players going to discover Vainglory?)

Even if you assume that Steam represents 1% of the PC player base (and I’d venture to say it’s much higher than that), that would give you about 50000 concurrent players – worldwide.

That’s not an encouraging number, tbqh, and like I said, I doubt that 99% of PC players download the game directly.

EDIT: The other very worrisome data point is the massive drop in concurrent players since the Steam launch – a drop of over 40%. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean PC players as whole have dropped by 40%, but it’s an indicator that the game is unlikely to be growing on PC.


Yeah, it’s not great, but it seems like the entire VG on Steam community would fit within the margin of error for the larger VG community. I’d think that the VG Steam players probably only represent the players who never heard of it before it was on Steam.

Steam doesn’t seem to make it easy to find anything new if you’ve never heard of it before. The way I usually find out about a Steam game is to hear about it in a review, ad or website elsewhere, and then follow a link to Steam. If the review or whatever links to the place where I can download the game, I never get to Steam. Basically if I got to VG’s website, why take the extra step of looking for it on Steam?

It’s good for a game to be available in more places, and whatever makes it a flop on Steam should be addressed, but I don’t think It’s failure on Steam represents anything else.


The problem is that nobody really knows. Your experience may be wildly different from someone else’s – I find new games on Steam all the time, for example. Because I have multiple computers, Steam is an extremely convenient way to play my games on whichever one I’m using at the moment, so I find using Steam preferable to not using Steam.

My point is that you are making assumptions that I don’t believe are valid for the larger VG community.


Because most players likely find and downloaded from there. I can argue that the launcher is downloaded mostly by people familiar with the game, i.e. mobile players + steam autoupdates the game so is more convenient and most will choose it over the stand alone if they have steam (and most does).

My honest opinion…


That can’t be your point, that’s my point :stuck_out_tongue:

The Steam launch being a flop means that the Steam launch is a flop. 500 users is soooo far off from the rest of the VG community that I don’t think it can be used to represent the rest of the community.

People pointed out Steam to show that VG has a problem, but even with the limited stats, we know that VG is orders of magnitude more popular elsewhere. Steam isn’t a large enough fraction of VG’s base to be an indicator of anything.

Just because the Steam numbers are meaningless (aside from showing that VG is not doing well on Steam), does not mean that VG is doing great what it means is that we still have no real information, but what we do have does not look great.