Vainglory Movie by chinese players

posted on reddit as well, but it’s too good to NOT share.

quality camera work and directing. More of these~! That voice acting is spot on as well.


This reminds me of the original red vs blue and the Garry’s mod videos. I haven’t seen much machinima lately.

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I miss this kind of stuff. I hope the creators continue it.

It’s pretty awesome, sorry dumb question now. Has he made it from the replay mode?

Yup, you can zoom in a lot more now.
Hope to see more of these tbh, the voice acting was a nice touch.

Ending be like
Omae wa mou shindeiru

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VG should try to promote material like this. Maybe even put it on their YouTube page with the creators permission. An AD of this would be really nice as well.


if you think about it, they do it in their teasers. like the churnwalker teaser.

I really think they can get really creative with this concept. just imagine the possibilities.


And so whyy doesn’t SEMC use content in this style to advertise the game more when it clearly has appealing aesthetic and shows off the game in a more immersive manner? The world may never know…

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i also wonder that myself…

i mean a bunch of amateur fans could do it in a relatively short period.

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Like the more I rewatch this video the more pissed off I get…this game doesn’t have ads but THIS is what the ads could look like? This is how they could have looked this whole time? What the hell? This WASN’T the Apple ad? lol sigh.

I mean the apple ad and this is totally different. If i could choose what ad i wanted i would choose the apple ad since the minions and stuff look so cool in real life

I’d prefer both to be clear. The minions in the Apple ad were awesome, I just wished they showed some of this type of footage alongside it too, then the normal over head game view. Like Reza swinging and the kid swinging as well and then Reza’s ult from this perpective and then the kid’s punch. Like showed off the hero more than just the regular game shots. It would have been more immersive to the game world.


I’ve seen exactly those types of ads for all those Clash of Clans type games and they always look so sexy. Something like that for VG would make me want to download instantly.

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Exactly. The funny/sad part is if people new to the game saw an ad like that with vainglory heroes, they’d probably come into the game expecting lore because vainglory heroes look like they have deep backstory lol, as opposed to generic fighters.

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As of right now most of them do, but unfortunately by the time they would get around to developing proper ads, the majority will be faceless generic mobile MOBA fighters.

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