Vainglory minions

Can we just appreciate how “unique” vg was with the minions. Like in most mobas the minions are like midget people with magic staffs or whatever and the minions in vg are like little cute trolls that carry knives and some of them guns and like little bears and then this big samurai bear. Like it actually makes sense lol. Instead of having midget people you got little troll like thingies and bears fighting for you.20180726_202012


Just adding some good minion images …


Yeah im not a good photo taker haha and damn dude that minion in the bottom saw something hahaha

Now you made me think he looked under her skirt…


They should’ve been givin a group on here awhile ago, these hard fighters deserve recognition


I’m still salty that I never got the minion group I wanted, poor critters