"Vainglory is dying" issue and here is my opinion about it. (Please read this post)

*I may swear a bit (not like fu… and that but slightly offensive) in this post but please don’t flag (don’t flag me Lords @hazeleyes @HipsterSkaarf and @idmonfish).
(*Please @VideoVillain share your opinion on this since you are a former SEMC dev here)
Ok so recently I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about the whole “Vainglory is dying” crap up on every Vainglory pages. Groups leaving (C9, GankStars,… the list goes on) Vainglory, new blueprint system, 5v5 rank matchmaking system,… and now, I though known for my stupidly OP shitty balancing stuff 360° no-scope posts (jk stop now), have to talk about this issue. So let’s get started.
First of all, as you may have read above are why people are saying that Vainglory are dying. First is that the official Vainglory Forum is closed then teams are leaving Vainglory, devs such as Playoffbeard are leaving Vainglory (though it’s unknown whether that’s a joke or not) and the introduction of 5v5 ranked.
Let’s talk about the first thing-the closure of the official Vainglory Forum.
I’ve been playing Vainglory since Summer 2016 in patch 1.20 and I was a very new, creative, full of passion players. I have a lot of ideas for Vainglory and at the moment that I knew of the Vainglory Forums, I joined in immediately. I’ve been up there till its end in February 10th 2018 and switched here in January 31st 2018. And because of its closure, fan ideas and suggestions for the game have been completely cut off from the devs which led them to create dumb shit such as the blueprint system and other stuffs.
Then about the the teams leaving Vainglory. I heard from @ClassyBfMain that these teams left because they were kicked out of the Vainglory E-Sport since they didn’t advertise Vainglory and really, this is really dumb. Why didn’t they just advertise for the game themselves instead of via the teams. This is just straight up stupid.
After that is the devs leaving. I don’t know much but I heard that 3 devs have left the game who are VideoVillain, (another one who I forgot) and Playoffbeard recently. For Playoffbeard, it might be a joke posted by @Moose so take everything with a grain of salt.
Then we come to the biggest elephant in the room-the matchmaking system in Vainglory 5v5 which is the pinnacle of shittiest of the shitty matchmaking system. It’s just straight up a mess where T9-10 got paired up with T5-6-7. The thing makes Vainglory almost unplayable and has made a lot of players leave.
Then is the answer to question: Is Vainglory dying? And my answer: Not really. The game is not really dying but it sure has become less awesome and “perfect” according to the “Perfected MOBA for touch” slogan.
Finally is how SEMC can improve the game. Simple. Just listen to the damn community. Show us that you really listen to us. Use every second to improve the game. Don’t use those second to shitpost.
So that’s my opinion. What’s your opinion on this issue, tell me down there in the comment section.
Thanks a lot


My opinion is that VG is in a really rough patch, its saving grace is 5v5. They really need to invest time (3-5 months, maybe?) in cleaning up the game and polishing its rusty areas. Things like heroes and skins will be delayed, but quality over quantity should be the main focus.

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My opinion is that I am really tired of the whole discussion.

No matter where the information is coming from, its all just speculation and theory crafting. The problem is people are taking it as fact and running away with that information.

Personally I think this baby needs to be put to sleep. I am all for discussion, but there is nothing to discuss about VG dying because it is simply not true. If it is true, we will know when the game doesnt work anymore and I doubt we will see it coming.


It’s not its saving grace but it’s its doom. I think that they should really balance Vainglory heroes and items around 5v5, polish 5v5 for like 5 more months then release. It’d be a better since Vainglory at pre 5v5 and at 3.0 was nowhere to ready for 5v5.

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I say its the saving grace since its the only thing remotely fresh, even though its filled to the brim with bugs and balance problems

To clarify, PlayoffBeard did move on from SEMC. My April Fools said he came back, not that he left.

I am with @PumpkinKing666 . This discussion can only be had so many times. Look, it’s simple. With the release of 5v5 (which is an entire game for most MOBAs), they were forced to step back and redo some things. This is not a bad thing. There are connectivity and bug issues that SEMC is working on. The only thing that raises an eyebrow is eSports. Poll the general playerbase - they don’t watch or care about it anyway. For those who do, chill out. Wait until they address it. It’ll be soon.

Until then, stop beating a dead horse.


Me too…so tired about how is vg right now.
The speculation and theory crafting just appear everyday. I am also almost take it seriously and runaway but after I remember that I have spent much money for this game, I try to be patient and just wait until some next updates. What I deteste is there is no information or legit clarification right from semc themselves. They never be honest to tell the truth about what is goin on to this game. They never encourage their loyal players to stay with them, however they just keep hiding somewhere.

I’m not theory crafting. I just take evidence from posts on this forums. I don’t confirm it.

You could’ve just posted this in one of those vg is dying threads instead of making a new one to add to the already dead horse that is ‘vg is dying’ discussion

Probably this is the case but I just wanna make “A post to end all posts”.

Same answer like for Mr. Pumpkin devil face up there.

I’ll just say this:

Is Vainglory dying?

SEMC is changing, and so is Vainglory. [look at me, I’m captain obvious over here]

Vainglory esports, and the players it touched, are and always were, a small portion of the playerbase. All the teams joining up were part of a franchise system that, if it worked as planned, could have been amazing but most of the teams that were in the franchise didn’t do what they should have been doing, so it failed. Think of it as failed advertising of sorts.

Playoffbeard, Hitman, myself, and others that have left are not indicative of SEMC failing, but simply of change. New people were hired too, teams were changed around, positions were altered, dropped, and added, etc. It’s common as a startup grows.

Only the future can tell if all the changes are for the better or not. I hope they are!

Matchmaker issues, UI issues, balance issues, bugs; those have nothing to do with esports orgs departing nor with employee turnover. Let’s all remember not to mix things up.


Posts to end all posts never ever ever work.

Look a lot of this is a storm in a tea cup. And as @Moose said most of that storm only impacts on esports and esports players - which is maybe 100 players in the world - if I am being generous.

There is no evidence that VG is dying. Actually objective evidence suggests its grown substantially (most compellingly that Broken Myth have had twice as many views this year compared to last by this time is suggestive of a significantly increased audience). Likewise VGPro have said they have seen a substantial growth in players searching with the api.

Broadly speaking - the franchise programme was a bad idea, a misstep and SEMC seem to have either scaled that back radically or removed it. It artificially induced various orgs to sponsor teams in VG, those orgs are now leaving or have left. Doesn’t really say anything about the game itself - at this point. Could SEMC have handled this better? Sure. Could they communicate with Pros better and the rest of us as well? SURE.

Is the game dying?

Who cares, play if you enjoy it and if you don’t then don’t.

Personally the matchmaking is some times rough, but on the whole I can still have fun, so I am playing still.


If people don’t have fun then we have a problem here and ask the folks around here, it clearly shows that.

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Agreed, thats the main question - is it fun. My answer is:

  1. In high tier solo queue with a high variance but generally balanced match - yes as long as you go into it expecting that some of your teammates may not be on the same level as you are and so compensate accordingly.
  2. In a party of 3? Yes generally its similar to solo queue - your fillers are unlikely to be on your level but as a block of 3 you can run the draft and have great players in their best roles which compensates well.
  3. In full party - for me its a mixed bag - if we get an opposing full party of VG players its a hugely sweaty great fun match, if we match into T6 or below - its an easy win, but its also fairly dull to play.

I swear I have been researching lately and I see 99% of the soloq ranked matches are just pros vs noobs. It’s definately not fun to play and in a party, 50% will be pros vs noobs.

Nope. I didn’t mix that up. That is a standalone part of the whole reason why people are thinking this.

The two are totally separate issues though.

Define researching? Because if its something like looking on twitter you will find a significant selection bias.


A post to end them all isn’t necessary, could’ve just let this die with the other post already bringing to light on what actually is going on with the esports scene.

Further on you talk about researching vg matches, why? You quit/took a break from vg to focus on school, you should be putting your time towards study not posting countless ideas/research/reworks to the forums. It’s gotten to a point where it feels like there should be a category dedicated just to your posts