Vainglory interest via google trends

People tend to find flaws in what they spend a lot of time examining. That’s basically what the forums are, after all.

also I want Grace


Its called disappointment, hopes were high after worlds and now there is basically none.


Since we are claiming heroes.

I’ll happily adopt Cath. Dibs guys she’s mine…

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Celeste, Koshka, and Gwen for me


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So, while Vainglory is in decline it is far from dead. Especially in NA.

If you compare it to mobile legends, and Arena of Valor, Vainglory shows up higher in the majority of the western world. Assuming you trust google trends as a measure of popularity Vainglory is the most popular mobile MOBA outisde of Asia. While china brings AOV up to the most popular globally.

I do not trust google trends however and it clearly doesn’t reflect popularity as mobile legends shows up very low through out its history, so basing anything off of this deta seems counter productive. Regardless it if anything it shows all MOBA are less popular with the rise in competition, and the new Battle Royale genre. And that vainglory is still doing fine in a increasingly saturated market.

global comparison:,%2Fg%2F11c5wkwgwx,%2Fg%2F11g6wvnkkx

united states comparison:,%2Fg%2F11c5wkwgwx,%2Fg%2F11g6wvnkkx

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Graphics and character design, control options, easier skin grinding, performance (there were performance tests done by a company that compares performance and Vainglory actually runs better than AOV).

But yeah, besides that nothing. /s

Vox, Samuel, lance, for me :slight_smile:

and a lot more…

I don’t have much time to read the previous posts but I made some comparisons between some “American” MOBAs. Which being Vainglory, DOTA 2, and HOTS.

At the moment it can be seen that VG has the least interest and DOTA 2 having the highest, whether it be because of how long one has existed or the platform itself. SEMC basically has to do what League does to become mainstream because they can’t just compete in DOTA 2s home territory.

DOTA 2 recently had an eSports event Aug 20- Aug 25 that resulted in them going from a 26 to freaking 100. This reflects the competitiveness the in the players, unlike VG where the numbers remained 2-3 during the VPL month.

I did just the US but the data is basically the same when compared to Worldwide over the time span of the year. SO basically VG is dead in the MOBA scene and it should be expected because not only have they been ruining the out-of-game experience but also the in-game experience. When i get matched with certain players I already know if I’m going win/lose so there really isn’t any reason to rank anymore.

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Can I uh… Like… Adopt Fortress?


I call dibs on cath…
Edit:fudge she was already dibbed…malene is mine… >:)

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DUDE. don’t claim my twin Brother.

Vainglory does not run better than aov… It did before 3.0 after 3.0 VG went to shit in all aspects…

Mobile legends had a giant graphic overhaul. They now have 67 heroes and a selectable map…

Their game runs smoothly…

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Both ML and AOV runs good + AOV got a lot of GFX options to tweak the game for your phone. Not just presets. I am super surprised that VG don’t let you choose fog of war and if released - shadows as separate options. A lot of phones can handle the highest preset perfectly if one can turn off the FOW.

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Im calling dibs on my boi Idris.
And you can’t get skinned versions either:triumph:

I think SEMC needs to look back to the past and see what they did right.

Events -
Like @Tamaticon (SEMC really needs to see his suggestions in the earlier skin thread) mentioned the Rona LE skin. It was a month (or was it season?) long event which gave ample time for players to grind it and coming back regularly which translates to a healthy player base.

The Taka LE and even the Summer Party SAW,Kestrel, Krul were also good. You at least get a number of cards with the option of buying the remainder you needed with ICE. (I did) That gives SEMC some monetary incentive as well. Win-win.

Rank vs Casual players -
SEMC needs to see who are the main players/payers in VG. Blitz was great until Talents came around. Sure it put some money into SEMC’s pockets but majority of Rank players do not even bother with Blitz apart from having to play it for the events. I believe the hardcore players are Rank players.

I have a friend who I tried to get into VG who just opens the daily chests and play blitz occasionally(like really occasionally, I still see him online every other day). You won’t get money out of these people.

I don’t think RNG works for this game. Cramming everything (skins, heroes, essence, glory, opals) into chests significantly reduces the value of the rewards since you get more glory than anything else.

Maybe having a specific hero’s skins/blueprint chest would be better with significantly lower chances of Legendary or SE skin. You can either take the chance or just buy the skin outright(for older players). But you’ll still be able to get a skin or blueprint for the hero you want(for newer players). This way you’re addressing both newer and older players at the same time.

As it is right now, I’m actually contemplating if I should buy the 4x value offer to support SEMC that’s been in my market for so, so long. Why is that, I wonder? :slight_smile: I can afford it but there’s nothing I want to buy.


ah ah ah I already called her.

damn, blurred. :smiley: oh, well :frowning:

Hey if we’re calling dibs I’ll take blackfeather

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Sadly VG failed before launch.

They took a bunch of Venture Capitalist funding and never had a real executable plan to make the game profitable.

First mistake was the skins. From day one skins should’ve brought them straight up revenue, not been given away for free. You can lower prices and keep people happy, raise them on the other hand and it isn’t as easy to make your customer base swallow.

Then esports. Other games historically have had an esports scene develop and grow organically. We know now that SEMC took however much VC funding and literally flushed it into esports which never ever made any money and certainly didn’t make the game sufficiently popular for the in game revenue generation to turn a profit.

SEMC was a bunch of people who made games before, but had no idea on how to make a game profitable.

VC funding always goes the same way. They give you a bunch of money and take a risk on what you’ve presented to them. Then after X amount of time they want their return. Everything we’ve seen since talents is evidence of someone asking for their money. SEMC are still fighting the good fight, it’s just the VCs have installed people to make the game pay, that’s why staff will answer balance questions but as soon as you stray toward the monetisation they turn and run.

It’s sad because no one at SEMC ever saw this coming and all they tried to do was make a great game.

Opinion based on experience with VC funded businesses and the ruthlessness of VCs when they come calling for their return.