Vainglory heroes

You know what I really like about the heroes in Vainglory. Unlike most mobas the heroes in Vainglory feel like ACTUAL normal heroes or whatever. What I mean by that is, the heroes don’t have all those FLASHY effects or whatnot that makes them seem like gods and make them generic or whatever lol. I really appreciate they are just normal super humans who are at the sovereign rise for a reason. Really gives off that “lore type” feeling or something .


Sorry if this is the wrong place to put or whatever I’m kinda new hey

Incoming Adagio to strike you down for comparing him to mere mortals


Oops except adagio, he’s a god. Why did I disrespect the perfect man that has ever existed on earth

Welcome to the forums~! I never really looked at Vainglory heroes in that light. Interesting perspective.

Come to think of it, there are So many flashy god-like heroes in other Moba’s. I wonder how many player’s share this view. Most people love flashy special effects (Movies, for example).

Even Skaarf’s New rainbow fire effects are an attempt to make heroes more flashier, like other moba’s.

If you think about it maybe it’s a marketing stratergy? I mean in the other mobas the effects are so FLASHY that the new skins don’t make it look that different. I don’t know just a hypothesis ha. Oh and thanks for the welcome :smile:

grace is considered a god too… with the holy light blessing her

Skye firing Forward Barrage looks like a god to me


petal is not a humanoid :slight_smile:

Weird. I was just thinking about this the other day. Vainglory’s hero designs are so cohesive. It’s not all “bells and whistles”. They are memorable.

(And I wish I read the lore. It sure does look interesting, but reading makes me so… ugh)


Grace is not considered a God by any means…

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i know… lol

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Adagio is actually holding back his power. He said something like I wanna die to try out the feeling of dying in one of his quotes.

Maybe you’re right. There’s a market for non-flashy games. There’s a whole bunch of games that are pixelated . 2d. etc.

Not just because of performance, but personal preference to that style of graphics.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but have you tried Halcyon Masters on YT?

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Not exactly “flashy” based, but I love how the heroes are actually different than most MOBAs. Like sure they often have same abilities or stuff, but I have never found one hero that I immediately think “That one is so like ____ from ____!”


Time to binge the lore without reading :closed_book::gun::bug:

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I just want to chime in on this point - they are very well designed but I wouldn’t say all of the heroes memorable. Some most certainly are, though. Just an opinion.

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