Vainglory Emotes

Short thoughts:

Emote Tab in market-
•Use Glory to buy singular (Large quantity of glory EX: 2000 Glory)
• Use Ice to buy theme emote packs

New Button in Ping section in game-
•Choose up to 2-4 emotes to use

If Semc doesnt do emotes in a similar fashion as i stated… ill be a lil disappointed. i think i made the whole featured easy and simple.

I like the idea of multiple, customizable emotes, personally. I think that was the intent at one point in time, but like many things, the feature was conceived rather differently (flexible, fun) from the way it was eventually implemented (quickest way, boring).

I’d like to see more personalization in VG, tbqh – not just skins, but user avatars (why the hell don’t we have something so simple after all this time??), ward scout cam skins, etc. etc. etc.

they cant do all that, they have to program the next rng chest.
but honestly, they are still lacking employees that could do all that for them. probably because they cant pay them the same as huge companies can.
if you have only two guys to make all the particle effects, it gets tough to make new high quality skins (and i think they spend way too much time on single skins like vox on ice. he is cool, but he got a new heroes worth of effects. thats a lot for a skin that would have sold with way less work. semc needs to find a balance on this or create a t4 for skins. shouldnt be too hard with the blueprints).


I actually prefer the character specific emotes it adds personality to the heroes (Cath’s & Koshkas are the best), However I do believe it would be in their interest to add more in per character (Maybe put skin design on hold for an update to work on emotes) This way you have the preview pass which grants you a single emote per hero and then other emotes purchasable for either a boatload of glory or some ice or accessible through the all access pass.