Vainglory dying documentary

well this inspired by tanacon and fouseytube documentaries in youtube

what if vainglory actually dies in 2019 and there is a tease video about why it went downhill
so you could imagine the conversations between a reporter with the devs
and its just a tease you dont need in deep conversations .

its for fun and for us forum faithful .

reporter : so i went there to your coworkers and just talked to them about the game balance and they laughed , and they said what balance are you talking about .

nivmett : yeah we were actually telling people we test things but behind the scenes we dont , i just change some numbers and hope things go good .

reporter : even for new heroes ?

nivmett : new heroes are designed to 1v3 and 1v5 , but we dont tell people that , its the only test i do actually , i make sure the new hero can 1v5 at all costs .

reporter : and all the devs and CEO knows that ?

nivmett with camera zooming in his face : i get paid for that , they encourage me to do it !

reporter : why do you think they limited your work with lore and things around that ?

sugarvenom : mmmm they caught me talking to my ghostwriter

reporter : ghostwriter ? really ?

sugarvenom : well i wrote some of them but what people liked are all by my ghostwriter

reporter : even the churn language ?

sugarvenom : its not a real language , i just walked in chainsaw sleeping on the keyboard and he was talking weird and just wrote that down , it was funny !

Moved out of FF - couldn’t decide a better place to put it, so OffTopic it is

i moved it back to forum faithful
well i consider it a private thread for forum faithful , its for us
i dont want it to be a rant about vainglory , its for fun .

reporter : we going to play competitive scene with 5v5 , worst case if 5v5 not ready we will go back to 3v3 , who said that ?

foojee : me

reporter : 5v5 was working fine , you didnt play it and you didnt go back to 3v3 ? , why ?

foojee : well , everything was fine until they told me they had no money !

reporter : so you planned something ahead without having the money ?

foojee : i think they had the money but it was an idea they had when they were drunk , like lets go to vegas we could double the money and make the competitive scene big and shiny , and they all agreed , we lost all the money , they said it was a disaster but fun experience .

reporter : wow !

foojee : we didnt actually have a planning team we do things and hope it works .

reporter : 5v5 released , everything working fine , suddenly playoffbeard leaving , why ?

POB : it was crazy but it is the truth , i bought couple donuts and enjoying my coffee , edtheshred was fooling around and he was trying to take my donut , i told him if you dare taking it ill leave the company tomorrow .

reporter : wow why ?

POB : donuts > semc , he actually ate it infront of me with evil laugh , so i decided to leave .

reporter : i didnt expect that , i expected something related to the family and salary .

POB : no no no , everything was ok , but if i say something i do it , i dont care about my family , donuts > my family .

This is funny. I think this is kinda like fanfiction and should be moved there. I want to see your story continue though

ok , its not just me , you can write your own here
but ill keep posting , mhhhhmmm fan creation , well its not a lore hehehe but close

VainGlory dead confirmed?
I wonder what would happen if we never switched to this forum. What was wrong with the last one anyways?
Well, I don’t play VainGlory anymore, not since mid-summer, and I keep wanting to get back into the forums, but school… and soccer… and homework…
Such a shame that it’s dying so quickly though. Who knows, maybe I’ll post something one day. I want to see how much my writing has improved.
I don’t know why I’m typing this here, probably because I want to express my nostalgia somewhere.

Well, I guess the game’s not dead yet, and the forums are still active, but there’s barely any new “fan lore” since the last time I was on here (over a month ago). I miss the days of everyone uploading their creative fan fictions, both good and bad. Just more nostalgia I guess.

@MagusPie Vainglory isn’t dead yet. Although most - including myself - give it a lot of well deserved crap, the game’s potential will keep people playing until the day a match isn’t possible.

On the other note, the forums are still quite active and I’m glad you checked back in. However, I’m going to lock the thread considering it just got a three month bump. If you still have more to say, don’t hesitate to start a discussion on a more up to date topic