Vainglory dota 2

Can devs make vainglory more like dota 2 cause i want to play like im playing dota 2 in my ipad what i mean is just to make the game feel more intense
(Im bad at english)

Sorry, this is vainglory, not dota 2. Changing It so you can feel like its dota 2 is a mistake.


what about you play dota 2 ???

insert spongebob triggered face here

I opened dota2 for 3 minutes and insta deleted. No fixed cam? REEEEEEEE


You’re wrong for saying that, he didnt specify what he wants from Dota 2 to Vg.

I would love to have dotas Day cycle for high end devices such as the PC version.

Since VG isn’t the best moba from every aspect. Atleast it could be the best visually appealing moba on the PC and Mobile.

Edit: He said play but thats still vague.

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