Vainglory Crossplatform not same iOS?

i think VG Crossplatform graphic not same on Device iOS

Or I think to myself

i’m play on Crossplatform and try rec with OBS 1080p60fps but graphic not same on iOS The picture is not clear. ?

you can tell me VG Crossplatform graphic high ?

Have they confirmed this as true? You could just have lowered graphics on the other device.

i’m not sure graphics on PC this high ? next feature i want to change setting graphics same setting in mobile

In ios, go to settings for vg. There are 3 options, low power mode, default, and high.

Choose the highest option if your device can handle it.

Note: If your pc has better specs, that’s probably why it runs better. Ex: bettee gpu, cpu, ram. Maybe the highest option is selected for pc naturally.


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I think next feature want to add on can setting graphics on PC

Ps. My Laptop Lenovo Legion Y520 i7-7700HQ + GTX 1050ti​ I’m use OBS for recording game