Vainglory content creators ?!

I don’t watch vainglory twitch like before , but I watched xenotek before he tries new games and league and he was playing vainglory with zero hype it’s like he was dead inside .

Now he is streaming vainglory like he is playing a new game , what ?! , I thought one or couple days and he then comeback to other games , but he actually still playing it .

My thought ?!

I think semc going to advertise the new game and he is going to be one of the first players playing it and making guides before even they release it .

Like someone like scarra in twitch was getting few thousands views as a league streamer/partner after Team fight tactics release he made guides and now averaging 10k viewers , that’s a big boost , especially knowing that people can just play the game without having league background.

I don’t know if the new game going to be good because someone like xenotek waiting it , and semc could promised something , or he just wants to grow out of new game hype , but it’s interesting .

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A bunch of people with twitch presence is going to be able to play it early. Some even know what the game is because they got to play test it or know some type of info of it.

Wont say their names cuz they got harassed by curious of people but one of them is a mod for MaxMan.

Hopefully SEMC can learn from their mistakes and actually properly grow the game instead of not doing anything Cough Cough ads

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Inb4 it’s just Vainglory autochess arriving late to the bandwagon