Vainglory Churnwalker/ Captains

I was playing a game and someone banned churnwalker and said he is broken… Why is it so? I feel like his kit requires immense skill to even function? Can top tier players really land a bunch of his hooks? Also people say captains are broken? What specifically about their kit is broken? The CC?

His ult is broken… a good churn won’t use his ult once crucible is being used.

And his ult deals a chunk ton of damage

Yeah they literally took it from 1 to 100 this patch too (when I say literally I mean literally, CP ratio went from 1% to 100%)

He isn’t harder than any other skill shot hero. In fact his difficulty is medium, which I agree with. The problem is that the damage shared will kill you. Once he chains you there is nothing you can do: flee and don’t fight or then return to only get chained again. His kit has no counterplay.

Roams are broken because they tank a lot, doesn’t require much gold, have the damage of a bruiser without actually buying offensive items, and have immense cc. Right now they are like the perfect class.

Landing his chains really isn’t that hard. They have extremely long range too. You can either suffer through the shared damage and make the guy immortal. As @Guest_78 said there’s no counter play to him besides him being bad. If you go away to break the chains you lose few seconds which is a lot in teamfights + he can just rechain you. He’s the tankiest hero in the game after Phinn and deals more damage than most warriors and roams. He can also beat almost anyone early game and if he has a teammate there’s basically no way to survive a fight with him (I mean trying to fight him not run away).

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