Vainglory Battle Royale: Tony hits like a truck(update 3.5)

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i have always wondered why people ask for comments on youtube videos :thinking:

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You know what else is ann0ying then this dumb 30 limit crap? T0nys ult. Like seriously you could be planning this nice stratergy then BOOM you’re all confused like wtf

30 character limit isn’t bad at all …

It’s helped increase more thoughtful and fuller conversation and quite a few people have mentioned that they don’t even notice it anymore. What do you really need to say that is under 30 characters that both adds to a thread and couldn’t suffice with a heart ?


'not sure how it works nowadays, but the youtube comment section is notoriously volatile. People get into the most comical arguments over the most irrelevant stuff. And they just can’t let go.
Back in the day, you had to load the video page again to access the comment section and keep arguing, so that was +1 view each time.

So yeah: Please leave a comment!

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I saw a thread where a person was showing the voice actors of the heroes and in one where they mentioned fortress i wanted to say “he also voices churnwalker” but i couldnt and im a lazy piece of shiza and it reminds me of my dumb English class so i was like TRIGGEREDDD