Vainglory and us

Well , just curiosity and for science , from the 5v5 release until now , what do you think ? Are you with or against the game direction ?

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Im with that they are trying to make money, but they’re doing it so badly :mask:. Also we need better balance (sorry sonata/zekent).

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I rarely play the game, I only do so cuz I like the character designs of quite a few characters so I honestly don’t care how the games development is going. They could do whatever they want to the game and with what little interest I still have in the game would still remain so long as it’s the only game on mobile that had catherine, churnwalker, lorelai and so on with a few more characters


I feel pretty much the same – I’m still attached to the game for reasons which made sense a year ago, but which mean less as time goes on: engaging characters (dear SugarVenom, how I miss your lore!), a stunningly beautiful in-game experience (the Fold >>> the Rise), and fun matches with my friends (RIP matchmaker, RIP guilds, RIP my friends list).


I don’t care. I used to. I remember the old forums… Boi, it was so different. I liked it a lot. I used to read funny threads, spam wrench ratings and stuff. And I used to care.

I used to read and participate in threads with feedback about the game, I really enjoyed the game and wanted it to get better. Then slowly got sick of smec doing everything wrong, being scammy and blatant liars. So I got tired. Now I just laugh at the game getting worse and worse while losing to its competitors, idk I feel it’s well deserved and I find it funny, actually.

I still play sometimes, because I somewhat have fun when I play with Nerf or MilkAndToast. But that’s about it.
I sincerely hope the game could stop being the big succ and git gud, but I don’t care if it doesn’t, so I don’t bother giving feedback or participating as much as I did in the old forums. I realized it’s a waste of time. Since the devs already showed they are so scared of criticism they prefer to hear only praises from their whiteknight squad on reddit, they made that clear when they closed the forums, when they blame things on their community and act as if they were doing you a favor or when they booted Andromeda from their creator program…

So yeah, screw them. If the game gits gud, then fine. But if it doesn’t and their game dies then lol well deserved. I don’t care either way.

If anything, I’ll just give my opinion and say it’s a shame such good assets, and the work of superb teams like art, lore and graphcis are shadowed by literally everything else in the game.


The replies are from the (I don’t care) and (50-50)
You guys are a potential against or with , it’s a matter of time

Why no one from the (against) or (with) replied ? , is it that obvious and doesn’t need further explanation ?! , Iam just wondering you don’t have to reply , voting is more than enough .

I guess I’m with.
I really don’t like the game rn and don’t want to play it. But I’m still rooting for them to make the game good again.

Edit: if it’s based on how we feel about the game’s direction, I’m against. I haven’t liked the direction of the game since minion mines were removed. It seems like some good things have been happening recently like QoL improvements and PC version but it doesn’t make up for all the other shit like hats and the underwhelming 5v5 experience.


Whats that. I forget half of they old changes they did

Edit: Oh you were talking about the miners…

SEMC has repeatedly ruined their game - be it through predatory marketing techniques, destroying their esports scene, having hilariously and outrageously poor communication, abandoning lore, parting with the most beloved members of their company, cheapening the niche aesthetic, or simply being unable to release an update that doesn’t introduce new bugs and further compound balance and bug issues - while completely ignoring their community. What else is there to say ?


They only thing I look forward to the new patches are Lyra/Kestrel skins and Leaks. Everything else is cash n grab when they try to introduce a new feature.

I more against my teammates. I don’t care much for balance because there is never gonna be a balance game and the playerbase very much contributes to that, while their may be a meta at the time it doesn’t necessarily means it’s the best method it’s just the best method they the players can think of at the time. I don’t like how they’ve handle monetization but I can see them kinda stepping in the right direction. They made the Halloween skins direct purchase which I like but they also have hats, more rng chest, and talents.

If they took all of that away I’d be happy. I’m cool with custom pings, I think charms are lame and think buying emotes for characters would be better, the dev team could also develop more emotes for single characters if they did it that way too. I think the devs could also monetize something like flags where players could put down flags. I want blue prints destroyed, essence gone, and opals removed. Straight up make skins exclusively purchasable with ICE or for ICE and glory. (IE rares are 10,000 glory, epics are 20,000 glory, legendaries are 30,000 glory)


I was with the game direction and changed to against with time , like I thought 5v5 and cross platform were smart decisions , but there is something wrong , is it good decision wrong time ? , I think they doing random things , like I could say I saw all that coming from the old forum closing decision , old forum was the connection between the past and the present , they closed it to bury the past and stop the comparison.