Vainglory and HuaWei China

if you have a huawei
you are china vg player you can get a new emoji.

i don’t know other area whether have this emoji :grimacing:

Wow, those are super cute! Do you have a link to the official announcement so folks can find out how to get them? Nvm, you posted it while I was typing! :laughing:


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Just checking: Is that an official site? Not a leak or rumor site, correct?

(Sorry, my ability to read Chinese is nonexistent :wink:)

yes,that’s China vainglory official site😀

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Ooh i saw the foldable phone recently from HuaWei in a article recently. I must say, wow they partnered up with a cool company.

Tho apple themed emojis when?

Also I wonder if there is a way to get thoses emoji without having the phone hmmm