Vainglory achievement

Does anyone know who was the person responsible for Vainglory achievement for google play?

I was going through my play account and noticed I have 9/10 achievement for VG.
I’d like to ask him/her if it was a legit achievement you could get or a place holder.

Also, It’s been awhile but hello everyone


Not an Android person, so I have no answer to your question …

… but HI!!! :wave: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Have no idea tbh :confused: hiiii

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ow. will try my luck on twitter with some devs i guess.

Maybe it’s out of topic but I want to know can I log in into my vg account? I cant find log in or sign up button inside the game.
I just installed vg again after a long time. I played this game maybe one or two years ago.
I kinda miss vain glory

Many thanks


Unfortunately, your account — along with everyone else’s — is gone for good. The game still works after a fashion, but you can’t form parties, there is no friends list, and there is no attempt at matchmaking: each match is simply a random assortment of players.

The first post in this thread explains what happened:

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