Upgradeable skins

So recently i have played fortnite which is a very popular game right now. for those who dont know, fortnite is a battle royale game where all people going to kill each other untill 1 people remaining as the winner ( im pretty sure every knows about this game). Now whats interesting is that the skins are upgradeable!! which i found this very interesting. Im pretty sure if this implemented on mobas (especially vainglory we are talking here) it would be huge. People not play only for ranking up but also, grinding up for the skins!( theres someone who only play causal but yeee). I think this will make the player more enthusiastic and of course more active player .

What do you guys think? Feel free to critisize :wink:

I’d love to see more character customization options in VG, but the amount of work required to implement such a feature means it just isn’t going to happen, I’m afraid.

we had this. once upon a time we could upgrade our rare skins to epic skins and then to legendary skins.
you could only buy the rare skins directly and the other skins indirectly through the card box at a hefty price.
semc decided to abandon that in favor of blueprints…


Good point! That was the old skin tier system, before they made every skin purchasable by ICE. It stopped making sense at that point.

Then, as you say, they blew up the whole concept by changing cards to blueprints.

Lol completely forgot about this. it was kinda different from what i had in mind.what i was thinking is that each of us will get a skin in each season if we buy battle pass(this way people will consider buying the battle pass). And then the game will show the preview of the skins from rare, Looks very terrible and then the epic one looks okay but now the legendary is soo awsome that u would use ur time just to grind for that ass whoops i mean skin. And of course to get the skin isnt easy, which make people will think “oh wow that player get that skin? He must be a pro” instead of “mehh that player is just rich nuthin so special”

so exactly what we had in the past?
i have to admit, it did work quite well, but i doubt that semc would do it again. too much work (and they cut down on the art department) and not enough money to be gained.

Yea almost exact same except different challanges and the skin are limited cause its from battle pass or something