Updating hero spotlight for new players

Things have changed over the past few years, the spotlights of some heroes are outdated, the build section in some are also outdated but they are still shown to the new players whenever they tap in them. I suggest updating the spotlights of heroes for new players to understand the game.


For the first time in a century I agree.

Newbie information should be a top priority now that the joystick is ‘out of beta’.


And where does the time and resources to do this come from?

I asked a dev on Reddit about this, he said it’s a possibility but not a priority.

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Sorry but SEMC’s human resources are put into dragging new players into this game which involve teaching them the game. This is very possible.

You both have good points. Updated hero spotlights would be great! But it takes a lot of time and energy to make them, time and energy that’s probably better spent on making new heroes and addressing other game elements.

If you want this post to be even more helpful, why don’t you make a list of which heroes are most out-of-date, and what information should be updated?

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Mmm I’ll go back to watch all the spotlight to nitpick the problems and then I’ll post right down here to solve it.
Ps I wonder if you can go out there and advertise our forums for everyone to know, to join and to learn.