Update 4.5 New Hero - Miho

Wow ur gonna drop Melon like that?


She’s the one. This hero looks sick af. Can’t wait. Unfortunately she might be pick/ban in ranked. RIP.

Ain’t dropping. Smh. I am adding her to my collection possibly

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Miho is short for Kumiho, or nine-tailed fox in Korean.

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Ahri would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that an actual kumiho has nine tails …



Its lili rochefort …my bae :heart_eyes:

She is bae but Alisa. She have all my uwus

The skin!

[Mod edit: added image]

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Way more unique and better than the default splashart.

We all can agree that We decided to stan

2:44 even ciderhelm admiting this hero is totally busted and very easily 1v3.

Everyone in the beta says she is broken, so not surprised at all. They haven’t even tried to balanced her. Then people ask me why I think the balance team is a joke, idk.

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Will be, insanely strong when you know how to play her.

The Miho did Time her As very well to dodge the stuns.

She didn’t time anything, she just spammed the dash.

Pretty much what @Guest_78 said lol, when you can reactive her blink so many times its basically impossible to get hit by anything, just imagine taka with 3 consecutive kaitens…

But he atleast got some delay before jumping + it’s not teleport. :smile:

Nor AoE that counts as basic attack and doesn’t need a target.

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I’m just glad semc finally gave us something like a spellblade :slight_smile: I can’t wait for one that’s like s true attack paladin, light aoe stuns or gates and the like.

And without energy need. :slight_smile: