Update 4.5 New Hero - Miho

What I guess it’s the new hero’s ult has been announced!


Well… hmmm… we will see…

They really hate… Celeste :weary::expressionless::persevere::persevere:

If this ult can reflect others skill shots dmg this will be op as hell

Depends, not that easy to release it on time in chaotic fight, cool-down, the other kit and so on.

I think it only stops proyectiles, not reflect them.

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It reminds me when they introduced shroud item and made heroes ult together to show how op it is , so I have no idea why Celeste died , she had no defense ?! , where is the shroud it can easily protect her !

Wait I dont think it reflects…

Anyways I have to say Im kinda hype for this hero… so much solo potential :sunny_happy_3:

Last time I was this hyped was when Malene was released.

if two laser sweeps were aimed at each other which would cancel the other out? or would they both cancel out? but if they are cancelled does that mean that nothing cancelled them :scream_cat:

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woah this looks hella toxic and really fun



Move aside blackfeather, kensei. Miho is true swordsqueen


A relative of Koshka!? I can’t wait to read the… oh wait… the lore?

In all seriousness, I like the look of the hero. Does remind me of Koshka and Taka a bit with the mostly human-like appearance but elements of a felidae specie.

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Based on the background, im getting maybe a eastern asia vibe. Maybe Eastern Asia area.

Bamboo around her and her ears look like a red panda ears so she must be a Red Panda human hybrid. That would mean the EmmySkyward probably had something to do with this hero :kissing_closed_eyes:

She gives me the lily richforte vibe from taken. Idk how her last name is spelled

So VG finally has projectile clearing mechanics. While I doubt this hero has the potential to be a captain based on her other abilities already leaked, I could see this mechanic being really fun on a captain as a part of their kit.

Still really hyped for this hero. A warrior that has utility that is not CC? Sounds amazing.

I agree. I also think folks need to keep in mind before calling it OP (not that many on these forums have), is that it will take anticipation, timing, and skill to execute the ult to it’s full potential. On the leaked video, they are obviously staging it.

For example, blocking Gwen’s ult would take being quite altert. Hering the sound of her ult, and reacting quickly to stop the fast moving projectile. Ringo’s ult, on the other hand, should be very easy to delete with this ability.

It will be interesting to see how she plays out!

Thought: I’d like to practice her against Caine, see if she can pop back an execute from him. Again, that’d be pretty hard to time/anticipate because of how fast Caine’s execute travels. But could we perhaps have our first hero who can stop Caine’s “unblockable” execute when they’re at the threshold?

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Based on her leaked gameplay, the wind up is similar to Gwen ult (maybe a little faster) so blocking something like Caine ult may be impossible via reaction.

I am also curios as to what counts as projectiles. For example Joule A or BF’s on point surely do not, as well as Kestrel ult. Reim A, Baptiste ult and so on seem somewhat more in question to me.

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More likely taka guild. :slight_smile:

I think this is my first time looking forward to a hero that isn’t mage or support. She might be my new main after malene.