Update 4.3 Release Notes


The game needs something now tbh… it will even already be late to the party. Instead it receives another (almost maintenance only) small patch after the current one (4.2).


Oh don’t get your hopes up. I wasn’t talking like a new feature or anything (lmao) but a small currency rework/adjustment that I THINK sonata talked about.


This (plus stuff like the API going unfixed for months) really supports the theory that they’re severely lacking development resources these days. :confounded:


I still hold a little bit of optimism despite all the tomfoolery going on. I am just really hoping these underwhelming patches are gonna be compensated for with one big patch with tons of fixes and updates


I’m going to be more pessimistic and say that I doubt one big update is enough. There are so many bugs, and lack of features that 1 update won’t be enough.


Someone who still hoping for fixes for the major issues with the game, i like your enthusiam.


Even though I’m trying to be optimistic about the future of the game because of my attachment to it, it’s getting hard to do it with the current state of the game and SEMC being SEMC…


Don’t get me started on the API and how much it affects the game + how absurdly long it’s down (and won’t drop jaw if it stays like that, ofc without anything to replace it endgame/inapp.


Hum… the delays are more op than expected!


Ouch, by quite a few days… for such a small update? :neutral_face:


What is this “new content” that Im seeing?

If its not hero and skins, what could it possibly be?




Ok… but excluding them from patch notes???


It’s just what I’d expect from semc.
Pulling out unrequested and useless new features just to leave them half baked and abandoned a few months later.

Sigh, nothing to make me come back this patch.


Shoes :confused:

SEMC always surprises.



Mayeb reveal of battle pass replacement if not I quit VG .

Long time for small patch wtf . they didn’t fix bugs
And 5vs5 problems


They did not even nerf half of the heroes in need of them like Grump, San, Melon, Caine, Yates, Reza and some others. Like there are strong heroes outside of just bot lane lol. Turrets also need more armor and shield. The fact that Grump can chunk turrets at level 2-3 is not okay


Nor they atleast tried to buff a little the heroes that are so weak that they are almost insta lose. Seriously, last(current) patch was disappointing and small, but this one is even smaller and more disappointing. Also delaying update with such a small changes/new content… $$$


Yeah. I will admit this is overall a pretty balanced patch when there are a TON of ban worthy heroes atm, but there are still the ones like San, Grump, and Yeets that stick out like a sore thumb in their respective positions. Weak heroes really do need substantial buffs (Without breaking them ofc) cause the already strong heroes are in a pretty even playing field so far. Phinn and Lyra could use a bit of love too since the meta is a lot faster and Lyra’s heal is not able to keep up with the current meta. Also bruisers need to be fixed…in general. Glaive is the closest to a viable bruiser that we have (Not gonna include San as well as Leo there)