Update 4.3 Release Notes


The patchones were just released (1h ago). Leo available with glory from day one, and massive hero sales for ice.


Caine was weaker than it should be… is already OP and didn’t get nerfed! This is gonna be fun.


That’s … unusual. :thinking:


His glory cost will be higher than usually.


It has higher cost though, but as someone who has plenty of glory i dont care. I wont buy him, its a waste for those ranked players, he is not going to pass the ban phase, so i will just wait.


I mean all the sales lately – they seem to be pushing extra hard to get people to spend ICE …


But… what if he passes that ban phase?


Yes, i still think buying heroes with ice is not worth it (specially when only a few can actually be played), but i will have to see the new prices.

You counter him in a creative way.


This way more people will buy him, so now people who ban the new heroes just because not everybody has it won’t do it anymore, so more chances to get it in game. If people can play him, more sales will get his skin I guess.


Glory cost: 17485629562946583927493829593…
Or you can pay a small amount of ICE: 900



This is straight out of the League of Legends playbook, as are keys/chests (Hextech crafting) and blueprints and essence (skin shards and orange essence). They bump up the freemium currency price on release and bring it down after an introductory period.


after the bummer on the dev stream and the backslash here from the leaks/what was shown - they decided to avoid the bad press with that move? hahahah not really the reason, but could be. :smiley:


“Head on over to Balance Notes now to check out all the Hero, Item , and Meta changes coming to you in Update 4.3!”

Gotta love the copy-pasting. Not much in this update, sadly… The new hero looks cool, but I will never see it ingame (playing 99% 5vs5 ranked).


My personal opinion, but I think it’s one that we all here share (to some extend atleast) - the game is really not doing ok and development struggles big time. I started to play some ML and AOV and man… especially ML: any time of the day, game found 30 seconds after que start(max, normally 5-10s is all needed)… AOV is not that great, I wait on average 2 minutes. It’s really obvious what game got the largest player base in Europe.

@hazeleyes for not that thread, but did you play some ML and if you did, will you share your opinion in a big juicy post in the right thread? :blush:


I was lowkey expecting more…
This whole update notes can be summed up by:
New Hero: Leo
Sales: Sales


Atleast no more: new hats ,new pings new form of other extra stuff that we don’t need. :wink:


This patch is kinda underwhelming imo. The skins are good and Leo is a nice (albeit broken) addition to the roster, but seeing a lack of fixes for the game’s major problems is disappointing. Wishful thinking, but I hope they make an attempt to fix the problems in 4.4.


The last patch (4.2) is also disappointing, albeit with a little bit more changes than in 4.3…


Maybe next update is the "G A M E C H A N G I N G "one whre they drop multiple new stuff(hope important stuff that the game needs)


Apparently something is gonna happen in 4.6. I cant remember what but it was in a statement from Vg/dev video