Update 4.3 impression

How you know that for sure? I mean, I doubt you checked ingame for the exact number at 4.2? :slight_smile:

Vox? CP is meh and WP still the worst bot laner apart from SAW


His burst is annoying. Espescially if the team decides to feed him in late game. .

Shinkaigan confirmed it. The only thing affected in terms of gameplay is his range.

Ok, tho I would have a slight doubt towards something coming from SEMC. Still a buff for him tho xD

WP vox needs some base dmg buff to be viable again… can you make him work? Ofc, but (given your skill is similar among the heroes) you will achieve more with other WP carry.
What killed him most is the BP nerf… actually BP right now is rarely build and underperforms. That item needs a buff, not over the top one, but slight buff.

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Annoying? His burst? He has 1 damage hability since his AA deal little damage, so banning him is just… He is not ban worthy.

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Not really. His late game. Once he is stacked from attacking in backline. And his bounce is annoying. His ult can go up to more than 700 and silence for a while.

In regards to stats not being shown correctly, so they actually have to manually type them down? I’d imagine they’d make common ability stats like ratios and base damage more modular and have the stat pages take the numbers from those variables and show them. Just seems easier and less prone to mistakes.

Caine is pick/ban. I have no idea what they were thinking but he’s super broken right now, with almost no weaknesses and more burst then dedicated assassins from range.

Leo is pretty garbage. If you’ve got an eye for balance, it was pretty much immediately apparent that we was going to be bad from his numbers alone. An 8 second 90 base damage ability is hot garbage (GJ B gives 40 bonus damage + 30% attackspeed for 5 seconds at level 1, cooldown of 7). To put it into perspective, if you were exclusively using Leo A and Kinetic A at level 1 with no items, Kinetic would close to double his damage. His base health is lower than Kinetic too, although his armour is slightly higher. His movespeed and range is nice, but his laning phase is still very abusable. His perk is also really bad; even with a spellsword, you can’t maintain his movement speed stacks with only his A. Jet Cyclone, to put it simply, is just a worse Rona A. It’s laggy and it’s slow AOE is tiny, with its only saving grace being that it has a really big WP Ratio (for some reason). His C isn’t particularly great either. The dash version sucks, it’s too short for an ultimate and can easily be walked away from after he lands since he can’t immediately act out of it, which means you’re still going to have to use your boots or your B to reach the enemy. The cleave version is better, but a lot of the time you’re dead by the time you can use it. He loses lane in both top and bot and gets a little better around late game, but falls off again because he’s melee.

The two builds I’ve tried are SM BS top and SM TB BP SSw bot. The 4 damage build is better simply because you act as a gimpy assassin instead of being a bruiser in the game known as VG. Your only real combo is to try to jump behind them across a wall (because jumping into them is a flop), then ulting as many people as you can towards your team and then using your A as soon as you get out of the animation while they’re clumped.
If you get crucibled you die.

In all honesty though I’d rather have a Leo than another Caine or Kinetic and especially another Grumpjaw. His kit does have pretty obvious counterplay although it’s a bit boring that it’s the usual ‘CC and Explode from 9 range’.

They still haven’t figured out how to balance Varya which is really cute. Although the barrier change is good, it doesn’t get to the core of the problem; Varya lifestealing off of her chain lightning is extremely powerful and giving it to her at level 1 with blue buff means that she has a surprisingly strong laning phase. They either need to flat out change blue buff (this is what I would do) or reduce her lifesteal on chains to 50% on minions. Maybe both.

Leo: yeah… let’s completely ignore his ratios and late game scaling. He isn’t an early game bully, he is a late game scaling hero, so comparing his early game to GJ, who is a pure early game hero makes no sense. Late game he obliterates entire team unless hard cced. It seems like you haven’t faced a good Leo. He is so far perma banned, so I will disagree about him being garbage.

I don’t disagree that he does great damage late game, but against good teams that damage is difficult to utilise. Not only is he squishy but his mobility is pretty bad. It’s also important to remember he is taking your bot lane slot (since he gets completely dumpstered top lane, you can’t really build 4 offence up there). Would you rather have a Leo that comes online at three items but can still be deleted off one random CC ability or have the much safer Kinetic, Gwen or Baron who don’t do as much burst damage but are safer and can hold their own in lane. To me, the answer seems pretty obvious.

The same could be said for kensei.

Kensei is also pretty bad. His risk isn’t worth his reward compared to Kinetic.

What’s your point here.

Kensei is one of the strongest bot laners, i though you new that, otherwise my argument makes no sense then.

I have yet to play 4.3 yet. I have seen the new ‘free’ tab, and as @hazeleyes did, I also went :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: when seeing it. I will say this, it’s a nice relief to get to those free chests a lot easier.

From what I’m hearing, Leo perhaps isn’t a permaban if you draft good cc?

I wish


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I’ve played BF top and Kensei top with lots of success in T10. But that’s just me. Leo does feel… weak? He’s really squishy for a front liner so he really really likes Serpent Mask. I’ve decided to go all in with the CDR so I’ve been trying SM BP SSW BS with Halcyon Chargers and Aegis. He likes BP way more than BS and he likes the ratios more than he needs pierce. Once he gets some decent attack speed you can start animation cancelling his auto attacks then following up with abilities, which allows him to get more damage out. His ult doesn’t apply BS stacks which sucks, so BP is just good on him.

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Kensei is tier A in bot